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Ann Fenech-Andersen

I got a job at Danfoss at the end of 2011 which is why we moved to Sonderborg and you are reading this blog. I am from Malta, a Mediterranean nation the size of Als. I have now been living here for around 5 years. When not on maternity leave with our son, I work as a Materials Consultant, which means engineers in other departments can ask me about the chemistry of things.

Before getting to Sonderborg I got a PhD at University College London (UK) in Heritage Science looking at the lifetime of colour photographs in mixed archival collections, in collaboration with The National Archives (UK). During this time I wrote about my work and life on my personal blog, research blog and university webpage.

Michael Carøe Fenech-Andersen

I am a web developer at Reklamehuset a Sønderborg-based advertising agency.

Before arriving in Sonderborg I have been a freelance web developer living in Copenhagen, Prague and London looking for wifi and interesting things to do.

My interest in software stuff goes back to my university days in the good city of Aalborg. Moving to Sonderborg is in a way of coming full circle as I grew up in the southern town of Toftlund, so after many years my mum’s frikadeller are again within easy reach should I get a craving for them.

If I am not hunkered over my computer I am probably out on my bicycle getting lost or running around with my camera shooting pictures. I have my own blog that gets updated once in a blue moon, where you can see more about my exploits through the years.

If you want to see more about me have a look at these:

25 thoughts on “About Us

    • Keep up the good blogging, I enjoy both “This Indonesian” and “Only in Denmark”.

      Well hopefully we can increase your knowledge of Sønderborg then. There is a lot of interesting things to tell.

  1. Thanks very much for a brilliant blog. It can really open the eyes for newcomers to discover how much this city really contains. Keep up the good work. We will expose your blog to all new students at the business academy in Sønderborg.

  2. I am a member of the Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society. We are aware that an ex Lincoln Leyland PD2 Bus is resident in Sonderburg. The bus has the UK Registration RFE415. We understand that it has been converted to Open Top format and painted London Red, and is kept at a hotel in Sonderburg.

    Could you help us confirm the bus exsists and if possible which hotel it is kept at and who owns it. Have you seen this bus in your town maybe. We would like a photo or two of the bus if possible. Any help that you give us would be greatly appreciated, as we have being trying to confirm the exsistance of this bus for many years now.

  3. By chance I found the blog and it is amazing! As a newcomer to Sonderborg your stories impress me so much. I am motivated to design my own to-do-list to explore the city, and hopefully may join you two for some interesting events. Cheers!

  4. I am doing research on my family history which so far is back to Augustenborg. I have enjoyed reading your blog posts very much and have a better understanding of the culture and a bit of the history. The main I believe to be my 2nd great grandfather was the overinspector for the Duke of Augustenborg prior to the 1864 war and during a time of much turmoil. It is fascinating to read about the history explained simply and in English! THANK YOU! I wish you well in your continued adventures. I hope someday soon to return and spend time actually getting acquainted with the area beyond a few archive libraries!

  5. I just came across your blog from the Expat website. I grew up in Augustenborg and am now living in Florida – blogging as well. Your observations about Sonderborg (where I went to school) brings back such warm memories. You are spot on! Thank you for sharing – I will be following you from now on – not in a creepy way! ha ha ha

    • I’m born and raised in FL, now living in Sonderborg…what I wouldn’t give from some Florida weather right now!

  6. Thank you. It is great fun reading and very helpful (buying property). Stayed at the Youth Hostel 3 years ago (recommended), and now a B&B in Nordborg (even more recommended) before travelling to Fynshav and Aero. I do appreciate that priorities are different with small babes, but this area is one of the finest sailing environments with so many small and safe harbours.

  7. The information you explained on buying a property is exactly what I have been looking for, without any luck, until I clicked on your website. It is very, very helpful to me, especially the tip about the one website that lists properties a day prior to the other. This may explain why, when we try to buy a place from the one website, it is already sold. My daughter lives in Copenhagen and I am trying to help her find an apartment or co-op to buy, but I live in America and don’t understand their process. The other links to sources of information are also very helpful. Do you know what we need to do to get our request to buy a place accepted? Do we need to meet with the co-op association? It seems that if we contact the agent, we never hear anything. Is it normal to offer more than the asking price? Thanks again for your information.

    • Hi Pam

      Sorry for the late reply. I am guessing you have gotten further in the process of finding something for your daughter in Copenhagen. I don’t have much advice to give other than I would suggest you to seek advice from a local real estate agent. Coop housing is an interesting form of real estate and it can make it affordable to get your own property. But there are some pitfalls to take caution about. Buying into a coop you buy into whatever loans the association has set up and there has been a few cases recently of some toxic rent-swap mortgages gone bad during the financial crisis.

      If you end up having some advice to share for others about the process you have been through I would love to hear about it.

  8. We are coming over to Denmark (Als) in September to see where my husbands family came from. Are you able to do any history tracing for us if we give you any details (not much unfortunately)?

  9. Hej,

    I’m from South Africa and just recently accepted a job offer at our Head Office in Sonderborg, so I’ll be moving my family there (wife and two girls, 7 and 3) in the next few months.

    The practicalities and logistics of moving from one country to another are staggering, but we’re all looking forward to settling in Denmark. Your site is proving very useful, thank you.

    I’m trying to find information about three main things at the moment:

    1) I would like to bring my car over. It’s a 10-year old right-hand-drive Landrover Defender. I’ve written to SKAT, Landrover DK, and to the Motoring Federation, but have not received any replies. Do you have any idea who I can contact? I need to know about the cost of importing my personal vehicle, and also what legislation exists around older cars that are right-hand-drive.

    2) We value our privacy, and would prefer to live in a more remote area, away from the city center. From what I’ve seen when I visited Sonderborg, you can get very nice rental properties not too far from the city, but which are quiet and basically in farmlands. Is there a website or someone I can contact about this sort of property? Would these also fall under the postcode of 6400?

    3) I am a keen sport shooter. I have contacted the Danish Hunting Association about importing my firearms, but have not received an answer. Do you know of anyone else I can contact?

    In my previous visit to Sonderborg, I just LOVED the restaurants I visited. I guess that my Eastern European bloodline makes me genetically predisposed to herring 😉 I also really liked the fact that just 15 minutes from town you are in pretty rural farmlands that are really beautiful. I’m really looking forward to this move.

    Whatever info you are able to provide will be very much appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Marc and Rae

  10. I had been to your lovely town many years ago and have fond memories. I will be staying in Flensburg this coming week with my family and as I was researching things to do there, came across your blog. Very interesting and informative. Thanks for the info.

  11. Hey Dear

    I think all your posts are very helpful for the foreigners to understand the culture in Denmark, I am a chinese who living in Denmark for 4 years, and back to China in 2006, and right now I am planning to move to Denmark again, really like the life there. I’ll have a lot of questoin on my head, hope can get in touch with you sometime when you free. 🙂


  12. Don’t know if anyone told you that the term Realtor is a registered trademark owned by the National Assoc of Realtors. Not sure that agents in Denmark are part if that association but if not then they are not Realtors, a name only used to describe agents in that association. Other than that they can only refer to themselves as real estate agents.
    Informative and interesting article. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.
    Sandra Newman, Realtor

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