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Improving your Swimming with Sonderborg Swimming Club

I have a small confession to make. Up to this year I couldn’t swim ‘properly’. Well, if swimming to you meant getting safely from point A to point B in water as it used to do to me then, yes! That I could do. But if swimming meant I had to know how to breathe, how to angle my arm and how to move my feet then, no! That I had no clue.


Now you might associate swimming lessons with school children. And that might be so if you come from a country where swimming lessons are standard. But if you come from a country like mine where you learn how to swim with your parents, most of whom don’t know the right technique either, and where the teaching mostly consist of being placed in water and encouraged to stay afloat then, no. They are not.

Luckily for me Sonderborg Swimming Club offers adult swimming classes. The classes are offered in 3 levels: beginners, little experienced, and experienced. After some emails back and forth I opted for the little experienced as I could float and feel safe in water but had no technique.

I started swimming lessons in September this year. I unfortunately had to miss a number of lessons but other than that I am very happy with what I got. I can now tell you what crawl, back crawl and breast stroke is like, and I can even do a decent imitation of what they should look like.

Will I win any medals for my swimming? Most definitely not! But I am now safer in water than I was before and that can only be a good thing. So if you are looking for something to try in the new year, or if you know someone who would like to improve their swimming, do check out their sessions. Registration for the new season starting in January opens on the 20th of December at 12:00. It seems that children classes are very popular, so if you have children you may also want to keep an eye out for those ones.

The image in this post is from SKS’s Facebook page.