99 things to do in Sonderborg

Our first challenge to ourselves after moving here is finding and doing 99 things in and around Sonderborg.
  1. Done! – Get wiser at Universe science theme park
  2. Done! – Visit Sonderborg castle
  3. Done! – Go on an outing with Cafe International (We went on a tour of Danfoss so this could be 3½)
  4. Done! – Drink gluhwein or punsch at the Christmas Market in Flensburg
  5. Done! – Eat fish straight off the fisherman’s boat
  6. Done! – Show you’re a true movie lover at Nordborg’s volunteer-run cinema
  7. Done! – See the Symphony Orchestra at Alsion
  8. Done! – Mingle with the royals at Grasten Castle
  9. Done! – Relive history at Dybbol Banke
  10. Done! – Jazz it up at Sonderborghus
  11. Done! – Bowl for your Life…
  12. Done! – Hit your Target with the local shooting club
  13. Done! – Learn to make something out of paper at the Paper Museum
  14. Done! – Spot the working viking boat replica Sebbe from Augustenborg
  15. Done! – Explore Denmark’s industrial heritage at Cathrinesminde brickworks
  16. Done! – Island-hop with one of the ferries
  17. Done! – Experience a Nazi Prison Camp at Froslev
  18. Done! – Have ice-cream (or a sausage) at Annie’s kiosk
  19. Done! – Time-Travel at the Rum Regatta (Ascension weekend/Kristi Himmelfartsferie)
  20. Done! – Stroll along Sonderborg Havn
  21. Done! – Be awed by the skills of the ’tilters-at-the-ring’ (ringridning)
  22. Done! – Learn about sealife at the Blue Flag Station at Sonderborg Marina
  23. Done! – Answer all your questions about Tilting-at-the-Rings at the Ringridermuseum
  24. Done! – Take a tour of the city
  25. Done! – Swim in the Baltic Sea
  26. Done! – Enjoy the sea’s bounty at Cafe Brag
  27. Done! – Music fit for a king in Sonderborg slot
  28. Done! – Hike or bike some or all of the Gendarm trail
  29. Done! – Get the ice cream almost straight from the cow at Frydendal Farm House Ice Cream
  30. Done!- Honour the dead at the Viking graves at Blommeskobbel
  31. Done! – Ferry yourself from Flensburg to Glucksburg
  32. Done! – Travel onwards and upwards along Alstien
  33. Done! – Camp out under the stars in one of the shelters dotted around Als
  34. Done! – Taste King Frederik’s favourite dish at Restaurant Colosseum
  35. Done! – Watch the local handball team
  36. Done! – …and football team.
  37. Done! – And don’t forget ice-hockey!
  38. Done! – Immerse yourself in the Augustenborg Castle Sculpture Garden
  39. Done! – Go round for some Roundabout Art
  40. Done! – Take the 8 minute ferry ride from Nord Als to Jutland
  41. Done! – Enjoy the atmosphere at Krusmolle
  42. Done! – Practice your skidding at Sønderborg Køreteknisk Anlæg
  43. Done! – Get a good steak at OX-EN Steakhouse
  44. Done! – Get creative at Sonderborghus
  45. Done! – Thrill your tastebuds at Trillen
  46. Done! – Check out a show at Sonderborg Theatre.
  47. Done! – Ice-skating under King Christian X’s bridge
  48. Done! – Swim the Danish way at Humlehoj Hallen
  49. Done! – Explore your environment with Danish nature conservation society
  50. Done! – Heating up Sonderborg at Sonderborg Fjernvarme
  51. Done! – Go out in nature with a ‘nature way leader
  52. Done! – Run around Sonderborg with Vidar Motion
  53. Done! – Go kayaking on Als sound
  54. Done! – Feel like a local and wait for boats to cross through King Christian’s bridge
  55. Done! – Did you know about the yearly Fish Market on Sundgade?
  56. Done! – Magical wood transformation at wood sculpture week – June
  57. Done! – Be amazed at the Danish-German Brass Academy final concert – July
  58. Done! – Meet the newcomers to Sonderborg at the monthly Monday meeting
  59. Done! – Take the boat to Okseø island.
  60. Done! – Enjoy Als from above and take a sightseeing flight around the island
  61. Done! – Get in the midst of things at the Battle of Als reenactment (last weekend of June)
  62. Done – Visit the independently-run mill Skærtoft Mølle and learn of the good in grains
  63. Done! – Don’t underestimate the water at Vibaek vandmolle
  64. Done! – Be part of the hustle and bustle in town during a market day
  65. Done! – Be indulged at Huset Blom
  66. Done! – Experience gymnastics…Danish style
  67. Done! – Pick your own fruit and vegetables
  68. Done! – Have a lazy Sunday with brunch in town
  69. Done! – For ladies only…LadyWalk
  70. Done! – Get a coffee (or beer) at Kisling’s
  71. Done! – A feat of cakes (Synnejysk kaffebord) at The Old Inn
  72. Done! – Picnic in the park by Augustenborg Castle
  73. Done! – Experience the great outdoors with the Nature Authority
  74. Done! – Taste local mead – made just like the Vikings did!
  75. Done! – See art in the making at Dansk Glaskunst
  76. Done! – Visit the shoemaker’s hut at the Danish-German border on Flensburg Fjord
  77. Done! – Take in an open air concert at Molleparken
  78. Done! – Saunagus at Humlehoj
  79. Done! – Go explore the iron age Nydam boat
  80. Done! – Buy one of Jens Funder-Nielsen‘s HC Andersen ornaments
  81. Go to a Garden Festival at the pub/culture house Nette Jensen in Skelde
  82. Enjoy the music and atmosphere at Nordals Music Festival.
  83. Go, go Go-carting in Asserballe
  84. Make a hole-in-one at miniature golf in Nord-Als
  85. Appreciate wind power at Havnbjerg Molle
  86. Visit the grounds of Nordborg castle and take a walk around the lake
  87. Reminisce about the Beatles coming to Sonderborg at the annual Bobby Festival at Sønderborghus.
  88. Geocache your way around
  89. Spend a May day admiring veteran cars in Gråsten
  90. Go fishing
  91. Try kitesurfing, or windsurfing, or stand up paddling!
  92. Check out the old cars parked next to Sonderborg Slot
  93. Relax at an Open Air concert on Store Okseø
  94. Open air opera at the castle or Norreskov (August/July)
This list is a work in progress, so suggestions are welcome. What have we missed? Do you know of any ‘off the beaten track’ must-do thing for the area? What about the ones we have listed? Would you suggest something else instead?

36 thoughts on “99 things to do in Sonderborg

        1. Michael

          Thanks! We didn’t make it to the festival this year but hope we can make it up and camp there 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion – it’s added to the list.

  1. Kirstí

    Go see a “Filmelsker film” / “movielover movie” at Nordborg Bio – yes, in Nordborg of course 🙂 You get to see a great not-mainstream movie in a really authentic and small cinema AND get a free glass of wine for the nice price of 50 dkr.

  2. Nils

    Nydam båden er teknisk set ikke en vikinge båd. Men der er en vikinge båd, Sebbe Als, hjemmehørende i Augustenborg! Det er tilmed den ældste i Danmark. Se mere på sebbeals.dk

  3. Daniel

    How about going to Nord-Als Musikfestival?

    Albeit being a bit pricey, it’s definitely one of the greatest events of the year on Als. It’s a 2-day festival with both big national and international artist, held inside the castle grounds in Nordborg – beautiful venue with great scenery. The festival is always friday+saturday, in the second weekend of June.

    See more at http://www.musikfestival.dk/

    1. Michael

      Good idea. We already bought ticket for Kløften. But we have discussed going up to Nordals festival as well. I’ll add it to the list.

  4. Elizabeth

    What about:
    – vikingsgraves at Blomeskobbel (Arnim can tell Ann where it is)
    – Havnbjerg mølle
    – Vibæk vandmølle
    – Visiting the grounds of Nordborg castle and walk around the lake
    – Visiting the museum in Sønderborg castle, once a year craftspeople from Als organize also a fair there.
    – Ringridingsmuseum i Sønderborg

    Hope you will enjoy yourself.

    1. Ann Post author

      Thanks for the suggestions Elizabeth! Always glad to receive suggestions to hopefully reach our target of 99. Arnim has already told me about Blommeskobbel and insisted we should visit, but we haven’t made it there yet. However, didn’t know about the wind/water mills!

  5. Hans

    Suggestions to the list:
    The annual Bobby Festival at Sønderborghus (first Saturday in November) Tickets are for sale in September and sold out in a couple of hours, though.
    Hiking the Als Trail (Naturstien)

    1. Michael

      Hi Hans, thanks for the suggestions. I just tried out the Als Trail yesterday 🙂 That and Bobby Festival is added to our list.

  6. Irene Lorenzen

    Eat a fish menu at Brags cafe, sønderborg
    Visit Skærtoft Mølle, Ketting
    Taste Bondegårds icecream on Dybbøl

    1. Michael

      Great ideas. We just went to Cafe Brag for the delicious fish buffet. The other two is new to us 🙂 Thanks!

  7. Vivek Menon

    Hey guys. Thanks a lot for this website. We will try to follow your 99 things to do too. How about Geocaching in and around Sønderborg ?

    1. Ann Post author

      Geocaching sounds interesting…but I have never done it (and wouldn’t know where to start). Do you geocache regularly in the Sonderborg area?

    1. Michael

      We have a local handball team as well so that is added to our list. But I would love to go see a game in Flensburg as well.

  8. wiebke

    Try kitesurfing! (or windsurfing or stand up paddling alternatively)
    What about a sailing trip?
    and rowing tour with the German rowing club germania?

    The other tips are really cool ideas! Best regards

  9. Brian ODriscoll

    Hi. The Garden Festival in Skelde at Nette Jensen is not on this year 2014. But I recommend coming to one of the jamsessions wich are held every thursday starting at 20:00. Cheers and love from Brian ODriscoll 🙂

  10. Brian ODriscoll

    Visit “The Heartland Session 2014” 23. November – Alsion
    Tickets are only 100,- dkr. + admission fee
    Its music from some of the local muscians. Enjoy 3 hours of music.
    Pipe and Drums, Choir, Tradional folk music, New folk/pop/blues, Singer Songwriters, a poem written specially to that day.
    Tickets are on sale here – http://alsion.billetten.dk/index/eventdetails/eventno/46556
    If it turns out to be a succes we will do it again in 2015
    Cheers and thank you for a fun and great blog/website

  11. Jesper Petersen

    The church of Broager: http://www.broagerkirke.dk is a minor tourist attraction for its murals and the statue of St. George and the dragon.

    On Als, there is the foundations of a small manor from 16th century and a small mill turned museum, but I cannot recall how to get to either.


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