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Next to the bigger Broggeriet, Ib Rehna Cairo and Marcellos, on the main square, there is a 4th cafe that we often forget about for some reason. We haven’t been to Cafe Figo since this trip for brunch three years ago. So when a friend suggested we go there for a catch-up dinner yesterday and had good words to say about it, I decided to go with her suggestion. And I was not disappointed!

The Cafe

Cafe Figo is much smaller than the other cafes on the main square. When we arrived for dinner on a Friday night with no booking, there were only 2 tables available. The rest was completely full, with a number of bigger groups. This augured well for the place, especially as everyone seemed to be having fun.

The main downside of that is probably that the place was very loud. Sometimes I could not hear what my friend was saying, and she was sitting right across from me. I could see a few panels on the ceiling that looked like sound-absorbing panels. But I would say that they need many more of them!

The Service

The service was very friendly and with a smile continuously. Even in a very busy restaurant. I would say it was perfect when we visited! Present when needed with barely any effort for grabbing their attention but not overbearing. Either they have very good selection processes or very good training processes. I was very impressed.

The Food

I expected similar food here to the other cafes, which can sometimes be a mixed bag. Following my friend who visits regularly, I opted for the pasta; she had the chilli pasta and I had the salmon pasta.

Both pasta are served with a salad. Now, I am not the biggest fan of cafe side salads as I often find them an uninspiring mass of a lot of salad leaves, some tomatoes and cucumbers, and then some other addition that often doesn’t work together. So when i saw the plates coming with equal amounts of pasta and salad I was sceptical. I loved this salad though! It had the right amount of leaves (which were not too big) and tomatoes, together with some raw onion and grains for some crunch, feta for a salty tang, and a dressing that was just right. I actually finished the salad while still really enjoying it, rather than having gotten bored of it.

The pasta was also quite good. It had one downside: very salty! Now, this is a common complaint of mine in Denmark, and my friend who has been there plenty of times said this is not normally a problem. We didn’t say anything at the time (as we were enjoying things too much), so we didn’t give them the opportunity to rectify things, but based on the rest of the service I saw I have no doubt that they would have been very gracious with it.


We should really stop overlooking this place and opt for it as a first choice much more often. The prices are also slightly cheaper than the other cafes. To be honest, I have no idea why we skip over it so often. However, considering it was quite full, maybe it is us who have not gotten the memo about how great this place is!

And sorry, no pictures. I started eating the food before I thought about it, and then could not stop!


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