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Restaurant Alsik

Restaurant Alsik is the main restaurant at Hotel Alsik, open for lunch and dinner every day for hotel guests and visitors. Situated with great big windows overlooking the water it is very spacious with amazing views.

It has been a long time since we wrote anything here (kids…you know!) but I have now been to Hotel Alsik 3 times: for dinner with a friend, a lunch date with my husband and a family meal (with a 4 and 2 year old) and I have been impressed each time. It is really a restaurant that lends itself well for all such occassions: cosy atmosphere for the lunch date, relaxed atmosphere for the dinner with a friend, and quick and cheerful for the family meal. It’s amazing that one place can offer all this at once!

The food

The food offerring is very simple: a dozen or so dishes, all at 99 DKK. I am not convinced that all dishes deserve the same price tag (some definitely deserve more!), but it does make it really easy to select the one you like without focussing too much on price. Together with my companions I have tried a variety of dishes and would likely order each dish again, although my favourite is most likely my first one: the BBQ.

The service

Relaxed, unobtrusive but always present. You get free water, (warm) bread and butter, all of which are topped up if required. What’s not to like?

The atmosphere

As hinted above, the big windows and high ceilings make the restaurant really bright and airy. The acoustics are good too, which is important when we have our kids in tow as we don’t want to annoy other guests more than necessary. There are different types of seating too: typical restaurant tables, tables with armchairs, others next to the big windows with great views, and also some next to a fire place. Really something for most days where you want to have a bit of low-key celebratory dinner.

Will we be back? Absolutely!