Det Sønderjyske Køkken

Det Sønderjyske Køkken is a cafe located in Sonderborg’s tourist office on Perlegade. The cafe, owned by chefs Jesper Kock and Sune Axelsen, focuses on portraying food inspired by the local area.

The first thing that you notice on arriving is that premises in which the cafe is located are very big. The first time we visited soon after they opened I felt the place was too much like a school canteen. However, visiting again recently I was very happy with the changes; the booths on the side with sofas and the screens make for much cosier areas even if the room itself if huge. The big windows onto the walking street over one whole wall also means that the place is very light and airy (and especially good for Danish mothers leaving their prams outside as they can see their babies very easily).

The food menu itself is quite simple. It focuses mainly on vegetable dishes, with a few staples like Pariserbøf and Solæg. As is to be expected, cakes are also a focal point, inspired by the Sønderjyske Kaffebord.  The food I have tasted has all been very well made, and at decent prices.

Besides being a regular cafe they also focus on events either for the local community or to showcase local food e.g. they had Christmas food making workshops for children in December and I can see a Sønderjyske kaffebord event coming up in March.

Whether for a quick coffee, a relaxed lunch with friends, or a more full on event, if it is local produce and local recipes you are looking for, this is the place you should start at.

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