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  1. Hey guys! My girlfriend and I are going to live in Sonderborg for the next six months. We wanted to thank you for posting very useful information here! We discovered lots of cools stuff about the city:)

  2. Hi Ann!
    I came across your blog and I am 14. I read the part about that temperatures are only taken rectally in Denmark! My family and I are moving there in 3 months and I have to go for a school exam like the second day we´re there. Does this mean my temperature is always going to be taken rectally, all the time in Denmark? Oh wow! I´m kinda embarrassed already!

    • Hi Sofia. Welcome to Denmark :). Well. I am sure they won’t take your temperature during a school exam at least ;). However I have good news! I have recently been in hospital for an operation. In one department I was in they did not check my temperature rectally my in my ears. In the other department they checked it rectally. So I guess it depends in what department you end up in maybe?

  3. Hej Ann 🙂
    I’m American and my husband is a Dane and we are moving to Sønderborg in August from Copenhagen. This website has been very helpful and we’re getting really excited to explore the area! Thank you for publishing, we look forward to learning more!

  4. Hi,
    I have found all the information you have provided very useful.
    I was in sonderborg in October 2015 and Feb of this year 2016. I met and fell in love with my soul mate and I cant wait to marry her and move to sonderborg.

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