99 Things To Do in Sonderborg

We are getting a bit jumpy about moving to Sonderborg so while we are waiting we thought up a challenge for ourselves. We want to come up with – and do – 99 different things! That can be done, right?

We promise we are not going to jump around all the time but we are a bit excited. We’ve started the list and will create a counter on the page so you can see how we are doing.

Do let us know if you have any ideas for things to do.

2 thoughts on “99 Things To Do in Sonderborg

  1. Mark & Trish

    Hi Ann & Michael, we were thrilled to find your blog about Sonderborg because we are visiting in early June as part of our trip from New Zealand. We will unfortunately only have two days in the city. For getting around the island, and over to Fyn, can we use buses or is it better to hire a car?
    You two have certainly travelled a lot – have you been to this end of the world?
    Thanks again for a great blog,

    1. Michael Post author

      Thanks for your comment!

      You can use public transport but you might want to way the cost of a car vs. the time of public transport.

      You can use public transport search engine Rejseplanen and plan your journey from Sønderborg to where you need to go on Fyn to see what the transit time is. There might not be many connections during weekends. In both car and by public transport going the long way round on over the bridge might be cheaper/quicker but of course also less charming than the small ferry.

      What dates are you here and what are you going to do?

      We have both dreamed of going to New Zealand to travel but so far haven’t made it. Some day we will 🙂


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