Autumn in Denmark

Autumn, or fall, is the season that says goodbye to summer and hello to winter. It is typically associated with harvest, and Halloween/Thanksgiving/All Souls and All Saints day (depending on where you come from).

Growing up I associated Autumn with the return to school. After the 3 month summer holiday period is was back to routine and a hectic schedule to fit all that I wanted to into the day. However, autumn in Malta missed the one thing that you see in all autumn shots in films: reddish golden tones in the nature around you.


Coming to Denmark, these colour are one of the defining features of autumn. It has made it a pleasure going for a walk in the forest after work just to see the colours. However, what has surprised me the most is how quickly it became cold. It doesn’t help that Autumn in Denmark starts on the 1st of September rather than the 21st of the month, as I am used to back home. This being my first autumn here I really wasn’t expecting it.

So what to expect for Autumn in Denmark? Lovely golden colours, days becoming shorter, and cold! People have already seen snow in Sonderborg (alas, I wasn’t so lucky), and we are only halfway through the season! Luckily for us, the hour has just been moved back, so we get a bit more light in the morning. Not looking forward to the dark evenings though!

2 thoughts on “Autumn in Denmark

  1. Jola

    Danish forrest has been full of mushrooms lately. To my surprise I found out Danes don’t collect mushrooms. They don’t even know much about this. Last week I was with my danish family in the forrest and my father-in-law grabbed a toadstool and asked me: is this eatable? I thought he was just kidding, but… he was seious… 😀 😀 😀 But ok, he knows a lot about fish – and I don’t. 😀

    1. Ann Post author

      I would love to go mushroom picking…but know absolutely nothing about them. I think I have an excuse – where I come from it is too dry for mushrooms to grow abundantly in nature (not to mention there aren’t many forests), but I have found that the knowledge of Danes seems to be similar to mine! Would love to go sometimes though.


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