Clubs, sports and activities in Sonderborg

Did you know that you can find any kind of sport or interest in Sonderborg or the surrounding area?

Or maybe not everything… but close. If there is a hobby and more than a handful of people who are interested, Danes tend to form a club with board members, members, general assembly, regular meetings, jule frokost etc. etc.

So of course there are football and handball but did you know that you can play floorball, go kart, American Football and chess around here?

Some of the clubs are named not after Sønderborg but a wider or narrower area, so there are things like “Skakklubben Alssund” or “Ulkebøl Badminton“.

Over several sessions I have tried to gather a list of all the clubs in Sønderborg Kommune that I could find and add them to a map.

Here is the map and list.

Aerobic club (Sønderborg AerobicClub) Sønderborg AerobicClub
American Football Sønderborg Seargeants
Archery club Sønderborg Bueskyttelaug
Athletics club Vidar Atletik
Badminton (Dybbøl)
Badminton club (SFS) Sønderborg Familie og Firma Sport
Badminton club (Ulkebøl) Ulkebøl Badminton
Ballet school Sønderjyllands Danseakademi
Basketball Club Spirillen
Beer appreciation club Danske Ølentusiaster :: Sønderborg
Bicycle club (SCK) SCK Cykling
Bicycle Club (SCM) Sønderborg Cykelmotion
Billard Club Sønderborg Billard Club
Bowling Funbowling
Boxing Club Sønderborg Amatør BokseKlub
Chess Club Skakklubben Alssund
Climbing club Sønderborg klatreklub
Cross Fit Club CrossFit Sønderborg
Dancing club (AB Dance) AB Dance
Diving club Sønderborg Sportsdykkerklub
Fishing Club Sportsfiskerforeningen ALS
Fitness Club (City Fitness) Sønderborg City Fitness
Fitness Club (Fitness World) Fitness World – Sønderborg
Fitness Club (Zielkes) Zielkes Fitnessklub
Flooball club Sønderborg Floorball Club
Flying club Alssund Flyverklub
Football club (SFS) Sønderborg Familie og Firma Sport
Go Kart club Als Go Kart klub
Golf Club Sønderborg Golfklub
Handball (Vidar-Ulkebøl) Vidar-Ulkebøl Håndbold
Handball club (Dybbøl) Dybbøl Håndbold
Indoor swimmingpool Humlehøjhallen
Karate club (Ashihara) Ashihara karate
Karate Club (Yawara-Do) Yawara-Do
Kayak club Sønderborg Kajakklub
Krolf Club Sønderborg Krolfklub
Linux User Group Alssund Linux User Group
Mixed Martial Arts Club Sønderborg MMA
Model airplane club Sønderborg Modelflyveklub
Model Train Club Sønderborg Modeljernbaneklub
Motocross Club SMC Sonderborg Motorclub
Mountain bike club MTB Sønderborg
Orienteering race club Sønderborg Orienterings Klub
Poker Club Sønderborg Poker Klub
Ramblers/Hikers club Fodslaw Sønderborg – Vandrefalkene
Riding Club (Klinting) Klinting Rideklub
Riding club (Sønderborg Rideklub) Sønderborg Rideklub
Role Playing Club Sønderborg Rollespils Klub “Mithrandir”
Rowing club Sønderborg Roklub
Rugby club (not active?) Sønderborg Barbarians
Running Club Meets on Tuesdays at 6 pm. Groups for different levels, from complete beginners to marathon running.
Salsa Club Alsalsa
Shooting club (SFS and SSK)
Ski Club Sonderborg Ski Klub
Squash Club Sønderborg Squash Club
Swimming Club Svømmeklubben Sønderborg
Table Tennis (Broager)
Tabletennis club (SFS) Sønderborg Familie og Firma Sport
Taekwondo club (Chung Un) Chung Un Taekwondo
Taekwondo club (STK) Sønderborg Taekwondo Klub
Tango Club La Cunita – Sønderborg Tango
Tennis Club (Dybbøl)
Tennis club (Sønderborg) Sønderborg Tennisklub
Triathlon Club Sønderborg Triathlon Klub
Viking Association Als viking-middelalder laug
Volleyball Club Sønderborg Volleyball Klub
Winter bathing club Sønderborg Vikingklub
Wrestling club (not active?) Brydeklubben Alsia
Yacht Club Sønderborg Yacht Club


Any clubs I missed?

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