A Countryside Metropolis Song

The local musician and multiartist Richardt Nielsen of Rich-Art has written a song about what it means to be part of a countryside metropolis.

The lyrics are in both Danish, English and German and celebrates the diversity and joy of bringing people together. The video above is shot walking down the street with young people from Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Latvia.

Kan du sige ja til at være dig selv
Også når du kommer fra et lille sted
Kan du mærke dit hjerte banker nu
Det er så nice for vi lever nu

A countryside metropolis
Metropolis and countryside

Hej ved du godt din stemme lyder fedt
Europas tag det løfter sig lidt
We all believe in the human kind
With understanding we will change our mind
Wir werden alle wunder sein
And the capital of culture 2017

© Richardt Nielsen 2012

Richardt has done a lot of interesting projects in and around Sonderborg (as well as in rest of Europe) usually working with young people and the influence of music and singing.

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