First snow this winter

On Friday morning Sønderborg and most of Denmark got the first snow of this winter (2011/2012).

The ringrider in the snow

The temperatures have been hovering at just below zero so some of it disappears while most of it stays around.

A bench covered in snow

So far the amount of snow has been moderate with 2-5 cm of snow so no major disruptions unlike what these levels produced when we lived in London.

Sonderborg Castle in the snow

The pictures above are from our Sunday walk to Alsion.

Most of the local tweeters didn’t seem particular happy about the flaky downpour.!/Xride/status/162749205239173120!/staringlouise/status/162798492564205568!/dsh3/status/162800856960475136!/frikitiva/status/163531794371723266

While most complain because they are here and in the snow I think GraceAC complains because she is not:!/graceac/status/163580159071502337!/kukithestrange/status/163581769659056129

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