Fish Market on Sundgade

This past weekend, as we were driving over King Christian’s bridge we were surprised to see a lot of people on the fish harbour on the Dybbol side of Als sound. Not ones to miss out on a happening we decided to make a small detour down to Sundgade to check out what was going on.

Fish Market Sonderborg

The ‘happening’ was the yearly fish market. The market, as is to be expected, consists of a number of stalls selling fish, from herring, to flat fish, to shrimp and crabs. There was also a stall with people ready to clean the fish you have just bought!

Besides the fish stalls there was also a second hand market. According to one of the stall holders there, the market is held in order to show ‘the authorities(?)’ that there is still life on the harbour, and that it should be kept just as it is.

And life on the harbour there definitely was on this day! People really seemed to be enjoying themselves. The blaring sun, together with (more than) a couple of beers (for some) and a ‘schlager music’ style band seemed to combine into a happy crowd.

From looking at previous events it appears that the fish market is held every first Saturday of June. The stall holder did mention that there are 4 markets a year, but I suspect that is only true for the second hand stalls. But now you have been warned! If you see a loud, slightly drunk crowd on the Dybbol side of the sound, there’s no need to worry – it’s only the fish market.

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