Lessons learnt: Driving in Denmark

When I first moved to Denmark I had driven Michael’s mum’s car a couple of times. However, so far I had never driven on my own (probably as Michael doesn’t trust me!). So when this week I had to drive to another work site for a meeting I was both excited and apprehensive.

The ‘Car’

Since this was a work trip I took a departmental car. I thought I would get a car, but no! I actually got a small van! My first time driving alone in Denmark, on the ‘wrong’ side of the road AND my first time driving a van. It didn’t help matters that the van was clearly not designed for short Mediterranean girls!

Lesson? Definition of a car is not universal!

The Motorway

Before moving to Denmark I had only driven back home in Malta. Now Malta being so small  means that we don’t have motorways (the national speed limit is 80 km/h). So this time was the first time driving on one for me! It wasn’t as harrowing an experience as I thought it would be. Being able to count the cars that passed by during my ‘motorway experience’ on my fingers probably helped.

Lesson? If you want motorway practice the new Sonderborg-Kliplev motorway is probably a good place to start!

The Fog

I was meant to drive the ‘car’ back to work in the morning. Just as my luck would have it,  we woke up to severe fog all around us. It was the worst fog I have seen so far. I was slightly heartened by the fact that in Sonderborg the visibility was at around 100m. Unfortunately things only got worst the further away from Sonderborg that I got, with visibility down to maybe 20-30m at most in some areas. It was my first time driving on this road, making things a bit more scary.

Lesson? Fog in the Sonderborg area can be quite bad. Be careful!


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