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Love Songs at Sonderborg Theatre

Sonderborg theatre is one of the main venues of Sonderborg theatre union, an organisation set up to promote interest in theatre in the Sonderborg area and arranging performances with a varied repertoire in Sonderborg. One of these performances in the 2012/2013 season was Love Songs by Dansk Danseteater.

contemporary dance

Dansk Danseteater is the largest contemporary dance company in Denmark. Its main 2012/2013 show is Love Songs, which will be touring first around Denmark and then internationally. The Danish tour started in Sonderborg and this is the performance we watched.

Loves Songs is “an intimate portrait of love…which is neither a dance performance nor a jazz concert”. It consists of 9 dancers playing around and showing the concept of love to a soundtrack of jazz classics.

I was a bit sceptical about a contemporary dance show, having seen and been utterly bored by such a show previously. However, during a chance meeting with a dance teacher in Sonderborg I was convinced that I should try it out and that my previous experience was not what I should expect.

She was right! The performance was lively, fun and, most importantly, accessible. Love Songs will be playing around theatres in Denmark for the next 2 months so do check it out at a theatre near you – they seem to be playing all over the country so that should be possible! They will be playing in Kolding if you are interested in checking it out and live in Sonderborg.

And if you live in Sonderborg and want something closer, don’t forget to check out the Sonderborg theatre union programme! There are a couple of other interesting shows coming up, including the dance show ‘Future Roads and Swan Lake‘ and Tosca.

2 thoughts on “Love Songs at Sonderborg Theatre

  1. Kelly

    Interesting post…. What were the love songs played in question?
    I am an irish bride-to-be to a Dane, so i ask in research of our forth combg wedding

    1. Michael

      Hi Kelly, thanks for your comment and congrats on getting married!

      The love songs they played at the show were jazz classics of the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday, so nothing Danish.

      If you want something Danish what you should be looking for is Brudevalsen – “the bridal waltz”. It’s a specific song played as the first dance in Denmark. The couple will do the waltz and the guests will start to clap and slowly close in on the couple until they are completely surrounded.

      Here is a video from a regular wedding:

      And here’s how the royals do it:
      (The clip is the live commentary from a comedy channel on the royal wedding in DK)


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