Love you, Love you Not – Sonderborg

What's love got to do with it?

We have lived in Sonderborg for around 6 months now, and of course there are things I really love, and things I really miss. So before going home to Malta for a short holiday I thought I would think about my thoughts on living here.

Things I Love

  1. Living close to the sea
  2. My new bike (particularly that it has a Back pedal brake)
  3. Our apartment
  4. The greenness of my trip to work
  5. Basmati rice from our local ethnic store
  6. The big windows in our living room
  7. Being able to see the stars at night
  8. The friendly people we have met
  9. The friendly guy on the bus who smiles every morning
  10. My job

Things I miss

  1. Farmers’ markets on a Sunday (or any other day for that matter)
  2. Mediterranean style of interaction
  3. Being spoilt for choice with high quality shows
  4. Regular pillows! (i.e. rectangular, and offer some support)
  5. People having the vocabulary to say what they mean
  6. Ginger beer (and Kinnie)
  7. Being presented with the right utensils for the right dish
  8. Village feasts
  9. Large luscious parks to lounge about on a good day
  10. Shorter summer days, longer winter ones.
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About Ann

I am a Maltese girl, who fell in love with a Dane in Prague. I just started a job close to Sonderborg, so we have both moved there (via London, where we lived for a while). I am excited about this new country and city, and look forward to learning and experiencing more in the area. Read more...

2 thoughts on “Love you, Love you Not – Sonderborg

  1. Priyanka

    Hej, Prøve at liv alle ting det dig mangler i Sønderborg på Malta. Have en god ferie, og en god rejse til Malta. 🙂


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