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My First Walkabout in the Shops

So far, on previous visits to Denmark, I have always been to Danish shops with Michael or someone form his family. However, as I have now moved to Denmark permanently I need to be able to brave them on my own. So I decided to have my first solo Danish shopping ‘expedition’ on my first full day in Denmark.

As we are currently staying with Michael’s parents in Toftlund, and as these are shops that I am familiar with, these are the shops I visited.

At most of the shops I entered I was immediately greeted with a friendly hello from one of the staff. Up to now I always thought that this was because the staff new the person I was with, so I was pleasantly surprised by it. Also, every single time, the person realised I did not understand Danish and switched to English for me. However, what I appreciated the most was that as soon as I said that I was fine they backed off! I really don’t appreciate staff hovering over me but appreciate knowing that they are there to help. This was a refreshing change to what I have experienced abroad.

Not having any money with me on the shopping trip I didn’t buy anything. However, I did find a couple of things that puzzled me or made me smile:

Cutlery in ImercoWhile I was browsing the local Imerco I came across this display: a shelf of cutlery laid over receipts. The receipts were all from the previous day, and on each receipt there was a very long list of items so it couldn’t have referred to the cutlery lying over it. Someone suggested it might be that the receipts are there as part of the shelf design – surely that cannot be right!

Update: I returned to the shop with Michael and he confirmed that the reason for the receipts is not as exciting as I might have though: they show the price of other items of cutlery within that cutlery range.

talented vegetablesEverything in Denmark is better – even the vegetables are talented! Or so it would seem from this spread at the supermarket – comedy tomatoes and karate carrots. Who would have known? I am guessing that this is a product aimed for parents trying to make their children eat vegetables. It put a smile on my face though!

All in all, however, I enjoyed my walkabout, also as I found a couple of products I was hoping I would. I am sure I won’t find all that I am used to, but I’m more optimistic now than I was before about either finding them or having friendly shopkeepers helping me out when out shopping alone.

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    1. Ann Post author

      Hehe – though I realise that in bigger stores, such as supermarkets, the people at the cash are often much grumpier than the ones in the UK – they barely smile! In smaller stores though they typically smile – possibly as their livelihood depends on people returning?


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