Review: Castillo & Co. Buffet Restaurant in Borgen

Update: We revisited Castillo & Co in June 2016. For an updated review check out this post.

As happens every spring, Sonderborg starts getting new restaurants and eating/drinking places. First this year was Kisling’s. Now it is Borgen’s turn with Castillo & Co., serving a buffet lunch and dinner. The name Castillo & Co. is a reference to Borgen itself, since both indicate castles in different languages. When asked for a newspaper article why the ‘& Co.’, the owner mentioned it was to make it a bit softer.


As always we were curious so we went for lunch there today. On arrival we were quickly greeted with a smile and shown to a table where we could sit with a pram (barnevogn) next to us. We then ordered drinks and were directed to help ourselves at the buffet. A great start – we were hopeful.

The service continued to be good, with a friendly and present server (when needed) and dishes constantly replenished and plates cleared away. Only slight niggle might be that it took a while for drinks to make it to our table, a wait made worse as we were very thirsty. As the place was quite busy we can excuse this.

However, the place is really let down by the quality of the food. Unfortunately, the food is less than inspiring:  it all looks as though it came from frozen and just heated, with the focus being more on quantity than quality. A cold selection with cheeses and cold cut meats, eggs and some fruit. There is also yoghurt and muesli, but I could find no bowls so had to use a flat plate, and an apple cake. On the other side there is the hot selection with fries, eggs, bacon, sausages, breaded fish, chicken and pasta & noodles. There are also pancakes. It would be good, however, if everything was labelled, especially the sauces!

Would we go again? Most probably not. At full price I would more likely opt for a sandwich from Kvickly – cheaper and better quality – or go to another location. If you are still curious maybe try it out in May, when the buffets are half price: 35 DKK for lunch and 45 DKK for dinner. But remember: We tried it so you don’t have to!

3 thoughts on “Review: Castillo & Co. Buffet Restaurant in Borgen

  1. Katherine Scrivens

    I went there today for lunch. I wish I hadn’t. I agree the quality of the food is a big let down. I also thought that the tables were too close to one another – I felt like I was eating in an airport. To make matters worse I got a parking ticket whilst I was in there! Argh! Lovely blog btw 🙂

  2. Muzeyde

    Dear Ann

    I just read this review. I take every review, bad as good, very serious.

    A lot of things has changed. as many other places Castillo had startup difficulties. As everything else one can only learn by making mistankes. With changes of the kitchen staff after the first two months, the buffet is much more different now and keep on changing for the better. Most part of the buffet food is made from scratch. and you are not seated quite as tight anymore as the separation of the tables enables more space now compared to the startup where everyone was new and quickly learned as time went by.
    All in all we were extremely busy in the beginning and made the mistake of trusting the kitchen staff and merely had the time to even look at the buffet (big mistake 🙁
    Luckily many of the guests visiting us in the beginning gave us a second chance months after and are habitues now and come to visit often.
    Finally I wish for you to also give us a second chance and hope you give us another visit in the future.
    I would be greatful if you send me a mail. (manager) at Castillo & Co.

  3. Ann Post author

    Dear Muzejde,
    Thank you for your comment. I am very happy to hear that you recognise that things may have been difficult in the beginning and that they should have been improved. You are correct that we have not returned. We will keep it in mind for the future.
    If you wish to contact us directly our email is listed under About – Get in touch: hej[@]


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