Review: Odinsvej B&B, Sønderborg

Michael’s family was visiting for the weekend and they needed somewhere to stay. The place we had previously stayed at was already booked. We were suggested this B&B in Odinsvej instead. These are our thoughts.


The B&B is located to the south-east of Sonderborg in a residential area. Its location makes it perfect if you have a car and are looking somewhere outside the city centre where you can easily reach the forest or take a walk by the sea, or drive to the city centre. However, it is a bit impractical if you are relying on walking and public transport for all your needs, or thrive on being within walking distance from the city centre.


Compared to Bed and Breakfast Sonderborg, the sleeping quarters are quite small. If you envision your stay as a lot of lounging around in bed, this is probably not the place to go to. However, if you need a place to stay while exploring the great nature close by it is more than adequate.

However, if the bedrooms are small, the large living areas more than make up for it: a large kitchen dining area, a big and light conservatory, a cozier study, and ample terraces and gardens makes it perfect if you want to spend time with the others you are with rather than holed up on your own. This made it perfect for this family weekend in a way that the limited shared living quarters in the B&B Sonderborg would not have been.


The place is equipped with most of your requirements on such a trip: decent bathroom(s), well-equipped kitchen and the peace and quiet of living in a house on your own (the owners do not live in the same building). The place is not quite a bed and breakfast, as there is no cooked breakfast offered, but you can easily make your own toast, and are provided with ample tea and coffee.


Perfect for a family trip or trip with friends when you want to spend time together. Maybe less so as a romantic getaway. If you like being within easy reach of the great outdoors (forests and the sea in this case), it could be the place for you as well.

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