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Vintage shopping in Sonderborg

Isabella Thordsen is a 20 year old blogger from Sønderborg who has gained a big audience for her blog about fashion and her finds in secondhand stores in Denmark, Germany and London over the past three years.

Lately she has been going from one success to the next. Last year she received an award as best talent in Danish fashion blogging. In January of this year she launched a webshop with vintage clothes. The past Saturday she broadened the business by opening up a showroom where people can walk in and try clothes a couple of days a month.


It is very admirable how she at a young age has turned her hobby and passion into a business and full time job. And it is quite gutsy to open a niche shop for vintage clothing in a small place like Sønderborg. But combined with a webshop and all she got going for her she will probably pull it off.

We went to see the showroom on her first opening and it’s a cozy place she has created full of quirky and smart objects and clothing.


Check Isabella’s blog and webshop for when she opens the showroom for visitors.