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Help us get to 99

We have set ourselves the goal of finding and doing 99 interesting things in and around Sonderborg. So far we have added 42 things to our list and done 23 of them but we need your help completing the list.

So if you know of something fun, enlightening, interesting or strange we can see, do, taste, try or smell let us know.

You probably know the feeling that if you live in an area you can always go to the local museum/castle/attraction so you end up never getting around to it. We started this list when we moved to Sonderborg at the end of 2011 to make sure we saw all the cool bits and the hidden gems without putting it off for ages although it probably will take a couple of years to do the whole list.

Geographically we would like the things to stay within about an hours travel of Sonderborg. It should be things that are open for the general public. Events that repeat on an annual or biannual basis are great but one-off events are more difficult to add.

How many from our list have you done and do you have ideas for what else we can add to the list?

Paying it forward

We moved into our new flat recently – on the 3rd floor. I had some furniture in storage from my university days and we had just bought some secondhand sofas and bed. So not a huge load but some, especially the sofas, turned out to be fairly heavy.

My parents came down to help us move in the day we got the key. Other than that I have one friend in town from high school (gymnasium) but he was busy with work they day. We could pick up the key on the 1st of December between 11 and 12 so we planned to move in then and hoped to be have most of it done before it got dark at 16.00.

Two days before the move in a bit of a desperate try I posted on the Facebook wall of Newcomers Network that we were moving in and could use some extra hands. And lo and behold a few hours later we had offers from 3 guys who could come and help on the day of the move. Pato we had already met briefly as he organised the first Newcomers Network meetup we went to in November. But Merwyn we didn’t know.

amanda lifts a couch
Photo by Tango McEffrie (Jim Hickcox)

It ended up working out great with the help of the guys. We had moved most of the boxes and smaller items to the flat by the time Merwyn and Pato arrived so we “just” needed the big items. And they were a huge help! Without them we would not have been able to get the sofas up four and a half flights of slim stairwell that day – no way.

Once we had finished we asked them why they came and helped and Merwyn told us a story about how some complete strangers had helped him move on several occasions. This was a way for him to pay back – by paying it forward.

I’m thinking and hoping we’ll see a lot more of these guys in Sønderborg and once we are a bit more settled we’ll invite them over for dinner. But more importantly I have a debt to pay and hopefully will be able to help some other people who are new in town.