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Ristorante Da Nico – Fast pizza, good food

Pizza restaurant Da Nico, SønderborgOn our way home one night from a concert at Sonderborg Castle we were discussing what to cook for dinner. As we walked by Ristorante Da Nico on Brogade we decided on a vim to go in for dinner. We have walked by numerous times by never actually made it inside and since it’s been a year we thought it was about time to try out this cozy looking place.

The place is well lit and simply decorated with items and posters from Italy giving it a homely, self-made, unpretentious feel – a bit at odds with the Danish way of making things cozy, dimmed and candlelit. This you can also see on their website which is straight to the point of the menu and nothing else.

(I think) The place is run by an Italian husband and wife Roberto & Nicola Pino.

We were there before six in the evening and the only guests in the restaurant so we had the waitress and cook to ourselves. While we were waiting for our order we were offered some complimentary bread and butter.

Our pizzas were fast to arrive, they were simple but made with fresh ingredients. The pizza base at Da Nico is thick and soft like the Neapolitan variety which makes the whole pizza a big meal.

All in all a good experience and a quick meal.

Places to eat in Flensburg area

Being so close to the German border, a trip over to ‘the other side’ is a great way of spending a Saturday. Once there, finding somewhere to eat is probably also a good idea, not least because it is typically cheaper than in Denmark. We always ask people from the area for recommendations of where to eat. This is what we have tried, and liked.

Restaurant Italia, Solitude

This restaurant is not actually in Flensburg. To visit you have to drive a bit further round Flensburg Fjord to an area called Solitude. However, it has been the most consistently mentioned restaurant by all. As the name indicates, it is an Italian restaurant, serving pizza, pasta, meat and fish.

The area it is located in is very picturesque. Do take a walk down to the water before or after your meal, or eat on the terrace if the weather is good. The food arrived quickly and was eaten just as quickly. The Italian friend we took there pronounced the pizza ‘as it should be’. If planning to visit on a weekend, do book. We called around midday for dinner that day and were told they are full after 7pm.


Another regularly mentioned restaurant, this time in the centre of town. We tried this one when I had family over visiting. You have to go down into the ‘cellar’, as the name implies, but the atmosphere is quite charming. The restaurant’s main attraction is its meat. Service was quite slow and not very attentive, but the food made up for it.

Im Alten Speicher

This is one of the latest we were recommended. Located in one of the alleyways off the main street, it is in a very ‘hyggelig’ location. The decor inside continues on this theme.

Besides a mainly meat-based regular menu, they also have a seasonal menu. When we visited this was all asparagus based, and we both opted for something off this one. The food was great, as was the service…and they had English menus. A place to revisit when looking for great atmosphere with good food.

Hellas, Wassersleben

We were taken here by some friends of ours. As you probably can guess, it is a Greek restaurant a bit closer to the border than the town centre. The food was good at decent prices, and you also get an Ouzo with it! What’s not to like? Again, would recommend booking. The place was full when we went there.

Have you visited any of these restaurants? Or have any others you would recommend?