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Walk with the Ladies… in LadyWalk

LadyWalk is a yearly event where women from around Denmark meet at predefined places and walk 7 or 12 km. Sonderborg is one of the towns where this event is held… and as the name implies, it is only for women. This year the event was held on 26th of May.

Ladywalk Sonderborg

The aim of the event is to support charity. Every year 2 associations are chosen for support. This year the 2 selected organisations were the sclerosis and heart associations. This makes it a worthwhile cause, even if you remove the enjoyable part of the event.

Over 4000 women have taken part over the last few years. I had planned to take part 2 years ago but, unfortunately, had to cancel at the last minute. However, this year I managed to join.

Taking part

Arriving in the area may take some planning. My first plan was to drive. However, on getting close, I realised that there was a long queue, so I returned home and grabbed my bike. This is probably a preferable way to get there, although by the time I cycled there the queue had disappeared. Having a bike, however, meant I could get closer.

Arriving in the start area I found quite confusing. It wasn’t clear to me what I should do, and it took me around 10 minutes to figure out where I could collect my t-shirt and bag. Better signage would be greatly appreciated (or maybe I should just improve my Danish? Don’t think that would have helped!). In particular, the signs for the different group meeting places being higher up and visible over the people would have been a significant improvement.

The walk itself, however, was gorgeous. In Sonderborg the walk is organised on Kær, the peninsula to the north of Sønderborg. This means that you get to walk in some really beautiful areas, both along Als Sound, as well as inland. The area is especially pretty on a sunny day as we had this year. This made it a really enjoyable way of spending an evening… walking and talking.


What next?

Well, this year’s event is over. So what’s next is to wait for May 18th 2015. See you next year?

Something for the Girls

An e-mail in my work inbox. Ladywalk. 7 (or 12) km walk on the 21st of May at 18:30. Would I be interested in joining? Of course!

Ladywalk is a simultaneous walk in a number of cities in Denmark. The walks are in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis society and the Osteoporosis society. I do not know much about these two societies. However, even though I do not suffer from either (to my knowledge), both of these conditions have had or can have an impact on me.

When I was younger I helped out with a kid with multiple sclerosis. I know how important the support offered by such societies is in providing volunteers, resources and also supporting research. As for osteoporosis, I know that just by being a woman means that I am at higher risk of suffering from this disease sometime in the future: 1 in 3 women over 50 will experience osteoporotic fractures, as will 1 in 5 men (more stats). Both these reasons made me want to be part of this event.

I have signed up for the Sonderborg event through my employer (Danfoss). If you are interested you can check with your employer is willing to sponsor women in your company to attend. Otherwise, the registration fee of 110 DKK (or 140 DKK after 23rd April) is well worth it!