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Be a true movie lover at Nordborg Bio #6/99

On our first visit to Nordborg Bio I said I would be back. And I have been back – but only last week did I make it to a filmelskerfilm!

Filmelskerfilms are films for the film lovers (as the Danish word actually says). They are typically either films that are less popular, or films in a foreign language. This last part is what has made it difficult for me to attend such a night: I don’t understand Danish too well to read subtitles, and my grasp of foreign languages (Persian? Spanish?) is not that great either!

As they say, patience is rewarded (sometimes). I made it there this week with the film The Artist, about the silent movie star George Valentin. The film actually won 5 Oscars, including Best Motion Picture of the Year. What (I think) made it qualify for a filmelskerfilm night is that it is a silent movie (in the vast majority), and this is exactly why I could understand it.


So what makes filmelskerfilm nights special?

You get to watch a film that might not be as easy to find in a mainstream cinema. You get to watch a film you might not otherwise have thought about going to see, and see it with like-minded people while supporting a worthwhile project (Nordborg Bio is a project run by volunteers). And if that doesn’t count for much with you? You get to watch a film at a cheaper price than normal AND get a free glass of wine. That is surely worth it on its own!


Watch a Film at Nordborg Bio #6/99

Nordborg Bio is an independent cinema in Nordborg, at the northern end of Als. It is run by a group of volunteer with the main objective of maintaing a cinema in Nordborg. This makes it a worth-while venture to support, especially since it is run as a self-supporting venture.


The films shown are mainly new releases, though around once a month on a Friday they show a ‘filmeskerfilm’ (film lovers’ film), which is typically a less well-known, independent film, often in a foreign language. On these nights you get to watch a film and a glass of wine for 50DKK (i.e. very cheap by Danish standards).

Unfortunately for me, as yet there have been no ‘filmeskerfilm’ in the English language, so the combination of a foreign language with Danish subtitles have meant that we have had to give these nights a miss so far. However, most of the other ‘commercial’ films shown are in English (with Danish subtitles).

We went to watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows on the Friday it was being shown. Entering the cinema we were greeted by the volunteer ‘on duty’ – a friendly older gentleman who happily muddled through a conversation of Danish/English with me.

The cinema itself is quite small as you can maybe tell from the photo at the top, seating only 90 people (it was around one-third full on the night). What a difference to the big cinema complexes which are the only cinema option left in my home country.

For keeping this cinema running I must applaud the work of the volunteers. I will be back!

In Sønderborg there is also a cinema on Perlegade with two screens.