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Kisling’s: Sønderborg’s new coffee shop

Spring is here and summer is approaching. As is typical of this time period in Sondebrorg new places for having a drink or a bite to eat are rearing their head. The first to open this year is the very minimal Kisling’s, a coffee shop on Perlegade.

Kisling's Sonderborg

Kisling’s has been opened by Michael Kisling, a known face on the Sonderborg culinary scene, having been involved in the opening of Brøggeriet a while back. Kisling’s the coffee shop, however, is a different venture to that, focusing more on few, good quality products. Kisling in fact goes to Copenhagen every month in order to roast the coffee himself at Kontra Coffee where he used to be the roast master. So yes, Kisling DOES know his coffee very well.

Options for food are not very abundant: 4 sandwiches, a breakfast platter, and a lunch platter. However, what is offered is good quality, being offered in close collaboration some of the best suppliers in the area, such as bread from Skærtoft Mølle and sausage from Rønhave butcher. The prices are also very reasonable, especially when compared to the cafes further down the road, with the sandwiches costing 35 DKK and the platters 50 DKK.


Michael first dropped in on a Thursday late afternoon for a beer and a small bite to eat. We then dropped in on a Saturday morning for breakfast. The good thing about the place, especially for us on a Saturday morning having woken up early, is that the place opens at 8:00 Monday to Saturday. This does mean, however, that it closes at 18:00 during the week (and 15:00 on Saturdays).


It is great exploring new places in Sonderborg, especially when the quality is as it is at Kisling’s: good food, decent prices… and also an outside garden for the good weather we are starting to have.

The Kisling’s website is under construction so for updated information check the Facebook page.

Decorated streets

Christmas Events in Sonderborg

Towards the end of November we had written about the switching on of the Christmas lights in Sonderborg. However, since then, we have barely mentioned any of the Christmas-related activities in Sonderborg.


First of all, Christmas in Sonderborg means later shop-opening times, including opening on Sunday. Having just arrived from London, where shops are open much later and there is not much distinguishing weekends from weekdays, this was a good transition time for us to get here!

Speaking about shopping and having previously written about our visit to Flensburg, we shouldn’t forget that Sonderborg has its own Christmas market. The Christmas market was located in the square between Ronhaveplads and Perlegade, giving it quite a small footprint. However, there was still enough stuff to interest us and we walked away with some delicious mead from Mjodladen.

However, coming from a country with no snow, I was most excited by the ice-skating rink next to the harbour. We never made it as we had other plans, but its on our 99 things to do in Sonderborg list, and I promise you – we will try it out next year!