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Route 1864 – Tales and sounds from the battlefield

Just west of Sonderborg is Dybbøl Banke the site of one of the most important battles in Danish history. We’ll tell you more about the story some other time. This post is just about a new exhibit about to open.

QR Codes by Dybbøl Banke

Photo: Historiecenter Dybbøl Banke

For the coming Autumn Vacation Rute 1864 will be opened. The route consists of 12 locations where events took place during the Battle of Dybbol. At each location you can listen to a sound piece from an eye witness. To listen you need a smartphone that can read QR codes. An example of one of the sound bites is the Prussian military engineer Ernst Schütze talking about the pontoon bridge that would be used to bring the heavy field guns with horses across the 600 meters wide Alssund.

Rute 1864 opens Friday the 14th of October. For more information (in Danish) visit m.1864.dk or read the story on Facebook.

So far there is no information about what languages the signs and sounds are in, but we will add this information if we figure that out.