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Rocking out at Sønderborghus #8/99

A Spanish friend who has lived in Denmark for a couple of years mentioned that Surfact were coming to play in Sonderborg. We had not heard of them before but figured it would be fun to go check them out so we walked down to Sønderborghus and met up with Aitor and Mathias.

Arriving at Sonderborghus it looks empty as you have to walk through the doors, go upstairs and through another door to get to the concert room. We found our way but were surprised to see so few people there. There was no warm up act so Surfact took the stage and went at it.

By now there were probably no more than 40 people (including staff and the band) at the show and most of us were standing at the back. The band invited people to come closer and after a song or two the audience was really getting in the mood, singing along and head banging. It seemed like we were some of the few who did not know the lyrics.

Surfact in Sonderborg

Even though Sonderborg didn’t exactly come out in droves, the band seemed to be enjoying themselves on stage and kept us happy on the ground. Surfact played for about an hour from their more polished, current album to their older, harder songs.

After the show the band came out to the merchandise table where people could get stuff autographed and Aitor got a t-shirt with the bands signatures.

Aitor with Surfact