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A First Jaunt on Motorvej M51

So far, Sonderborg has not been connected to the E-road network connecting Europe with a motorway. This situation will be improved in a week’s time when Motorway M51 opens (PDF), reducing the transport time from Sonderborg by around 20 minutes.

The new motorway will connect Sonderborg to road E45, which goes from Sweden in the north, through Denmark, and south to Sicily, at Kliplev. However, before the cars get the benefit of the road, people by their own power have been let lose onto the road to experience it while they can.

Just before the start of the race

Today was the first such possibility, with the motorway races at 5km, 10km, half marathon and marathon distances. Around 9300 runner took part (including your Hej Sonderborg authors!). This being my first organised 5km race I am happy that I finished… though my body feels quite stiff at the moment!

Me the happy runner

However, if you didn’t get to experience the road today, don’t despair. The second such event is tomorrow, when it is possible to ride your bike and walk on the motorway. Unfortunately, if you haven’t signed up already, the registration has closed. Nevertheless, if you are in the area do drop by. If it is anything like today you can look around at the different stands, munch your way through a sausage from the Lions Club, cheer on the participants, and even ride a Segway thanks to Danfoss Universe (who were also giving away free tickets for next week’s opening of the park!).

Update: Short observations from my first race

  • Surprised at the number of women ‘athletes’ with heavy make-up
  • Impressed at the organisation
  • Very clear that most of the kids had no concept of pacing themselves. They just alternated sprinting a short distance and walked a good chunk more.

Update 2:

Here is a cool time-lapsed video by Mikkel0305 from the day:


Explore Danfoss Universe #1/99

This is the first item of our 99 Things To Do in Sonderborg challenge. We went to Danfoss Univers in July 2010 during a trip to the region. This review is based on that trip. This is where I first heard of Danfoss…and in a few days I will start working there!

Danfoss Universe is a hands-on science theme park where both children and adults play their way to a knowledge of science. Here you can romp from one experiment and fun-filled natural phenomenon to the next.

Lift a car

As the blurb explains, Danfoss Univers is an interactive experience about science. It is divided into different areas where activities and displays on topics from water to energydigital technology to the origins of the Danfoss company are available.

One of my favourite areas was probably the Explorama attraction. This zone concerned concepts of creativity and intelligence. There were over 50 activities to try your hands at, from trying to mimic sentences in other languages, to mathematical and logical activities and activities testing your interpersonal intelligence.

The other attraction I enjoy was the Segway track. They apparently have Europe’s first Segway track which you can try out in the form of a sort of obstacle course which gets progressively more difficult as you learn new skills. The eye-wateringly high entrance fee could probably be excused for this experience together with the extent of hand’s on possibilities in the park.

Professor Danfoss

However it wasn’t just hands’ on exhibits that were available. There was also a science show organised once a day that I wanted to experience. Even though the 30 minute show was conducted in Danish, I found I could easily follow what was going on. I liked the fact that the show seemed to be structured in a progressive manner such that each demo built on a previous one. My quibble however? The demonstrator was dressed in a lab coat and wore a grey messed up wig. I guess this only helps to reinforce the traditional image of a scientist. But is that all scientists are? Mad, eccentric people? Identifying myself with being a scientist I would guess (or hope!) not.