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Buy a Seasonal Meat Package at Ronhave Slagteren

Ronhave Slagteren was opened 2 years ago by Sune Hansen on Kær, the peninsula to the north of Sonderborg. We came across the first time at a flea market where they were selling ringriderpølse soon after they opened. Then we ordered our Christmas duck from there. Recently, however, a friend told us about their seasonal meat packages. We decided to try the summer one out.

The summer meat package for June to Augusts consists of 6 different types of meats (sausages, steaks, stuffed meat) for 399 DKK. If you are interested you can just turn up and one is prepared for you, although we called ahead. All the meats for the summer packages were perfect for barbequing outside.

I would say that each meat type is enough to serve 4 people. It was great to have meat in the freezer already marinated and/or stuffed that we could take out and bung on the bbq grill if we knew we had a busy day ahead. The very generous portions (even for 4, though we were happy to eat it between 2, with plenty of leftovers. But that was us being greedy!) meant that we had plenty to eat every single time.

Would we order it again? Most probably, especially to try different meats. If I had to have on criticism is that the meat was all pork based and pork is my least favourite meat. So maybe I will keep an eye out on future meat packages and keep my fingers crossed for other meats making it in.