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Bowling in Sonderborg #11/99

Let’s face it: weather in Denmark is not always great (to put it mildly!). When the temperature creeps up above 0 and the snow melts away, it’s the turn of the fog and the clouds to make an appearance. I find this worse than the snow…especially the fog!…but being on an island you cannot really escape it.

The alternative is to find something to do inside. One option available is a visit to Sonderborg’s bowling alley, Funbowling, to the north of the city.

bowling alley

I was at the bowling alley last week with some of the girls from work. Although it might not be the most modern bowling alley, it has all the facilities you might need and a relaxed attitude. Perfect for a fun night out with friends!

The place being a bit away from the centre, it is good that the bowling alley offers other facilities as well. We had a go at the buffet on offer since we went there straight after work. Decent food I would say. I especially loved the ice-cream bar and toppings (Thursdays-Saturdays)!

On the website I also spied that there is a mini golf course. Last week was my third time bowling (and it showed!), but I have never been golfing (mini or otherwise). So I guess a return is due when the weather gets better. Anyone wants to join? 😉

Photo by Kevin N. Murphy

2 thoughts on “Bowling in Sonderborg #11/99

  1. Judith Doyle

    My son loves that mini-golf course and there is never anyone there so it’s great for relaxing and goofing-off.

    1. Ann Post author

      So I definitely need to check it out! At least no one can see my random attempts at playing golf 😛


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