Dining at Ballebro Færgekro


Ballebro Færgekro is an inn right at the edge of the water at Ballebro, where the ferry connecting North Als to the Jutland Peninsula stops. The inn was built in 1729, but only became an inn in 1870. The rooms are located in a building to the back, while the restaurant overlooks the water, just meters from the waters edge. Unfortunately we were there after dusk so could not enjoy the view. However, having been in the area at other times the views would most definitely contribute even more to the dinner itself.

The Menu

The website doesn’t give any information about the food served. The instructions state to call and ask to hear more. However, we took a chance and just called to book and turned up for the surprise.

The menu offered on the day consisted of 3 starters, 3 mains and 3 desserts out of which you can choose whatever combination you want. The price is the same for all dishes in the same course. .

The Food

The starters offered were a venison carpaccio, cod and jerusalem artichoke soup. The mains were beef steak, braised beef and day’s catch of fish. The desserts were baked pear with ice-cream, chocolate mousse and cheese platter. For each plate, we opted for the first 2 options in each section as listed above. Michael also opted for the driving wine menu. The starters also came with bread and butter and the mains with potatoes (we got chips and boiled).

The food arrived at our table at a leisurely but timely pace. It was all very nicely presented and tasted really good. We would say that the quality matched the price. Our favourites were probably the venison carpaccio for Michael and the beef steak for me.

The Service

We were there on a Tuesday evening, which was clearly not a busy day. In fact, there were only 2 other tables: a single woman and a table of three, with some time us being the only guests. The fact that the server wasn’t based in the restaurant room we were in meant that it was all quite relaxed, while the server appeared at regular enough intervals without imposing. I cannot fault the service at all: pleasant, charming and timely without being intrusive.

Overall Experience

Very positive experience for a somewhat special meal out at a decent price. The cost of 2 three-course meals, a 3-glass wine menu and a juice came to a bit under 1000 DKK. Even though the restaurant was empty, do book ahead as the previous time we tried to go there a function on the day meant that we had to leave. Booking also means that they are actually waiting for you. If you prefer to know what is on the menu also do ask in advance; as you will notice there were no vegetarian main courses on the day.

3 thoughts on “Dining at Ballebro Færgekro

  1. ledrakenoir

    Inspiring post – spent some years of my childhood in the area close to Ballebro (Vester Snogbæk) and have swum tons of times from the coast of Ballebro… 🙂

  2. Kakai

    Nice post Ann,
    I come across this while searching for possibility to hire a boat (with captain) to see the fjord and the surrounding for an hour for a sunset. Would you happen to know and have tip how could we get this? I’m living in Germany and will come to Sonderborg in 6 weeks…
    Thank you in advance for any info. I could use for inquiry…

    1. Ann Post author

      Hi Kakai. We are not aware of where this could be possible. We will ask on our facebook page though and see if anyone knows of anything. Do follow us there and I will come back and post here if we get any replies.


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