Review: Asian Wok House, Nordborg

Just down the road from Nordborg Bio is Asian Wok House. Having heard very good things about it from several people we decided to give it a try.

Asian Wok House is, as the name implies, an Asian restaurant. We were greeted warmly by our waiter and led to our choice of table. Surprisingly even though the restaurant officially opens at 5pm, there was already another table there when we arrived at 5:15, happily tucking in to their food, and the restaurant soon filled up with people.

The restaurant offers both an A’ la carte menu and a buffet (as well as a take away menu if for some reason the decor of the place doesn’t entice you to stay once you are in, or you are in a hurry). Wanting to have the opportunity to sample as many of the delights as possible, we opted for the buffet.

On asking if this is our first time, our waiter graciously took us over to the buffet area where he explained to us all that was on offer. The buffet is actually split into a normal buffet area and a Mongolian barbeque area, both of which you can sample as part of the buffet menu.

bd's Mongolian Grill

What I found to be a nice touch is that the waiters help you choose the sauces for your Mongolian buffet choices based on your choice of meat as well as preferences in terms of amount of spices, garlic etc. For a Mongolian barbeque virgin as me this was excellent. The meat, vegetables and noodles are then cooked on a big grill by the chef on hand for this purpose.

On the recommendation of the waiter we started our meal with a bowl of hot chicken soup, followed by a sampling of the Mongolian buffet and then the buffet. My favourite was definitely the Mongolian buffet noodle option I had with crab meat and squid, the fried prawns and chicken and the spring rolls.

My main issue with the restaurant is the same one I have with all the Danish restaurants I have been to so far, that the food is too salty for me. But then I guess that is really my issue rather than the restaurants’ now that I am in Denmark, since the Danes around me always seem to love it! Nevertheless, the very good service you get at this place and the taste of the food makes it a place to visit if you are looking for food in the area.

Photo by Dome Poon aka MoHotta18.

4 thoughts on “Review: Asian Wok House, Nordborg

  1. this indonesian

    As an Asian, I try to avoid “Asian restaurants” with buffet menu, because they usually are bad, at least here in Copenhagen. Asian food adjusted for Danish customers – which is understandable at some point, but it leaves us – the real Asians (LOL!) – with unsatisfied cravings.

    If you visit Copenhagen, you can go to Magasasa (behind central st.) for real Chinese food, as in real, real. They don’t have buffet thingie over there and the customers are mostly Chinese. Other restaurant that I go regularly is another Thai just on the side streets of Strøget – the shopping street – where we could get our spicy fix. As Thai spicy, not “farang” (read: foreign) spicy.

    Ooh, I can go on and on when I talk about food 😉

    1. Ann Post author

      Hehe – I am very much in the ‘foreigner’ group here…don’t really know what to expect. I liked the food – though it was salty, which is not something I have noticed when I have tried other Asian restaurants in London. Thanks for the suggestions for when we’re in Copenhagen though!

        1. Ann Post author

          Haha! As you say the selection was much larger there. I just had to get used to the very limited range again – where I grew up there weren’t that many options either. This does give us the incentive to cook more though!


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