Fastest and cheapest from Copenhagen to Sonderborg?

Just a quick post for those you are looking for a quick answer. Prices are updated March 2014.


Train 571

  • Duration: 4 hours and 6 minutes
  • Regular Price: 399DKK (54EUR)
  • Book with DSB

The train leaves every two hours you need to change at Copenhagen Main Trainstation (København H) where you have about 14 minutes to change. There are escalators and elevators in case you have a lot of luggages.

Discount tickets know as “Orange tickets” are available if you book long time in advance and for a specific train departure. Orange tickets for the Copenhagen Airport – Sønderborg route is typically 149DKK or 257DKK.


Looks like Baloo's plane

On weekdays there are flights leaving Copenhagen at 8.30, 14.30, 18.30 and 21.45. Saturdays and sundays there are one flight each way. The flight leaves from the domestic airport. The taxi ride from Sønderborg airport to city center takes 8 minutes and cost about 150DKK.

UPDATE March 2014: Now it is Alsie Express that flies the Copenhagen – Sønderborg route. Prices and times are updated.

9 thoughts on “Fastest and cheapest from Copenhagen to Sonderborg?

  1. Cecilia Fenech

    Thanks for this…some quick comments…can you give the approximate price in Euros in brackets? Also for the CPH-SON flight, is the domestic airport far away from the international airport?

    1. Michael Post author

      I’ve add euro prices. The domestic terminal (Terminal 1 at CPH) is tiny. There are free shuttle busses to it from the main terminals (2 and 3) every 5-10 minutes. I would guess it takes 20-30 min to walk between the terminals.

  2. Ed Yandek

    I will be visiting Sonderborg this coming June for a week of business meetings with an international group. I have found you blog to be very helpful, especially in how to get from Copenhagen to Sonderbork direct by train, which I would like to do as I enjoy European trains. On the DSB travel planner, is the correct station in Sonderborg named Sonderborg St? And are there taxis at that station?
    Thanks and keep up the excellent blog.

    1. Michael Post author

      Hi Ed, thanks for your comment.

      Yes “Sønderborg St.” is the name of the train station and it is on the Jutland side of the water. All hotels are on the other side of the water so a quick taxi ride is recommended.

      It is a really small station so I don’t think you can assume there to be taxis (although there might be). I would recommend that you give the local taxi company a call an hour before or maybe email them a couple of days before. Phone number is +45 74 42 18 18 email is

    1. Michael Post author

      It’s a 3+ h drive and there is toll across Storebælt bridge. Toll is 325DKK each way.

      You can see the route on Google maps here:

      Basically go west on E20 (towards Odense), turn south (towards Flensburg) on E45 and turn east on Route 8 towards Sønderborg.

  3. Marguerite Scott

    Is it possible to take a ferry between Copenhagen and Sonderberg? Thanks for your assistance.
    I live in Australia

    1. Ann

      To our knowledge you cannot. You can take a ferry from Als (where Sonderborg is) to Fyn, the middle island, but not all the way.


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