Where would you like to fly to from Sonderborg?

This is a guest post by Iulian. When local Alsie Express made a one-off offer of a weekend to London him and his girlfriend were quick to buy tickets. And the trip got Iulian thinking…

In April this year, I was one of the happy customers of Alsie Express for the flight to London. I always thought they deserved more than my likes on facebook, so this article is going to praise them to the sky :).

But this company deserves it – they offered really good services again.
As usual, their airplanes have super huge leg room. They offered us a lot of on-board snacks, beverages and fruit. The boarding was fast. We had a lot of information even before we bought the ticket: where exactly we land (it was a charter airport terminal), what cabs can we take, what were the prices for the connections, and so on. It was excellent service all the way through. We landed on Luton charter area, at Harrods Aviation and the personnel there was really high class. We felt a bit bad because they were dressed in suits and we had jeans and t-shirts.
The schedule for the flight was very well thought out: leaving Friday around 16:00 and arriving around 18:00 on Sunday.

After this nice experience, I wanted to find out some insights of the company and I managed to talk with Peter Høgh, the CEO of Alsie Express. There were some rumours about the real reason for the flight and I was curious about it. He confirmed that the plane was booked for a charter flight and was flying anyway to this destination. He did not reveal any other explanations, saying just that “due to internal conditions” this is all the information he can give at the moment.

He also said that we should expect this happening again, when there will be destinations interesting for leisure. When I asked him if Alsie Express has any initiatives towards international routes, he replied that these are very interesting but for the moment they are focusing on turning the Sonderborg – Copenhagen project into a profitable one.

I asked Peter to tell me some insights that nobody knows yet, and he has revealed that they are considering some vacation destinations like “Beer Munich Festival” or one – two weeks to ski destinations in the winter season. One more thing is that they are working hard on software challenges to establish the partnership with SAS. The main thing about this partnership is that luggage will be transported on its own in the CPH airport, without your need to pick it up.

I then asked him, if he believes that is possible that 50 people could book the airplane for specific destination, for destinations similar to London, and he seemed open to the idea “depending on the destination and the aircraft schedule.” That gave me a spark in the eyes.

So, what do you say, readers? Can we gather 50 of you to travel somewhere ? 🙂 Or does it sound good only to me?

Let’s do something crazy, let’s book a plane, Sønderborg.

The english Parliament seen from London Eye

Come on, where would you like to go?

Please spend one minute to fill this survey if you just like the idea of flying somewhere else from Sønderborg. Your minute could influence the decisions in a company. Doesn’t this sound good already ?

Survey: Where would you like to fly from Sønderborg?

*Disclaimer: This article does not represent the company view in any way.

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About Iulian

I'm in Denmark since 2011 and I came here right after I graduated. I'm from Romania and I'm not scared to say it :). I'm always looking for new things to discover and I appreciated this blog from the very beginning, when I needed an intro to the "danish world". I love Denmark and its people and I'm thankful to be here. When Michael joined the same company, it was just a matter of time until we started discussing about blogging and I was interested to re-enter in the branch. I have an ngo blog which had its glory few years ago but now I'm looking for new perspectives.

6 thoughts on “Where would you like to fly to from Sonderborg?

  1. Jens Leerbeck

    Lad os alle udnytte vores lokale fly selvskab til at komme ud i verden. En tur til London eller Barcelona vil være en oplevelse. Vi ønsker at have denne mulighed.

  2. yannick

    Amsterdam, relatively close and they have very good connections all over Europe, fourth busiest airport in Europe.

  3. Nicholas

    I think Amsterdam would be a perfect destination from Sonderborg. I am from the US, and this would make traveling home much easier.

  4. Sina

    I would fly to another big airport to get good connections.I think Hamburg is to close to fly the distance, so i would choose Frankfurt.

  5. Yu Lin

    I think Amsterdam or Berlin are both perfect destination.

    Amsterdam is convenient to other places and the distance of these two destinations are reasonable for the small planes.


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