Mozart Mass with Motet choir

On Sunday we attended a concert at Sct Marie Kirke by the church’s own motetchoir with two of our friends. We didn’t know what a motetchoir is (in case you are wondering, a motet refers to choral musical compositions), but we thought it would be a good way of ending a long weekend.

Motet concert in sct. Maria church

The concert started with Egil Hovland‘s Jubilate followed by John Rutter‘s The peace of God, both of which were sung in the church’s nave. At this point the choir moved to either side of the aisles, singing Heinrich Schutz‘s Jauchzet dem Herren alle Welt as a double choir (half on each side of the aisle). The choir then got a rest for an organ sonata by Josef G. Rheinberger, before they got to the main focus of the concert, Mozart‘s Missa Brevis in F major.

I thought the choir was very accomplished, especially considering that they are a church choir rather than a professional one. I particularly appreciated the way they moved around the church, since I felt that the different locations actually did give something special to the songs being sung in them, rather than being just an added frill to the concert. The musicians also nicely accompanied the choir (although I could have done without the organ solo).

All in all a concert I wasn’t expecting much out of and which I left pleasantly surprised. The choir will be repeating this concert on Saturday, so if you are at a loss for what to do I would eagerly recommend it (am trying to obtain further details on location and time and will post them here when I do).

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