Play Danish Music Day

Tomorrow October 27th is the annual “Spil Dansk Dagen” (Play Danish Day) a day where Danish musicians are celebrated across the country and on the radio waves. It’s a day of celebrating music that has a Danish link either through the performer, songwriter, composer or producer.

Rev Billy

Broadcast through the radio at 11am will be communal singing across Denmark which I think is the best part of the day. People in schools, at workplaces, at home or in the car will be joining together to sing in Denmark’s biggest choir across the country. You can join whereever you are by tuning in to P2 or P4 online or on airwaves. It starts at 11.03 and lasts till 11.30. Here is the list of songs that will be sung.

In Sønderborg there are also three live events taking place:

  • Free classic concert at the main library from 4pm to 5pm with Alskvartetten. The ensemble consists of two violinists and a cellist from South Jutland Symphony Orchestra. The library is offering free coffee and presentations of the newest books and they are giving introductions to their internet services.
  • Musikorkesteret will play at 8pm. I’ve never heard of them but apparently they were quite popular in the 80s.
  • More interesting to me are Alcoholic Faith Mission and Deer Bear that will be playing at Sønderborghus at 9pm. They are both Danish bands singing in English.

UPDATE 26/10: Since we wrote this post we’ve spotted a couple more events:

  • Two of the guitar teachers from the local music school will be playing at venues around town hall. They will play from 10 to 17. In the same interval different people will play at the town hall.
  • It’s only for the 1100 employees of Sauer-Danfoss but I thought it was cool that SMUK (the regional military band) will give three concerts in the production hall for the workers. First concert is tonight at 21.30 for the night shift and then there are two more tomorrow at 13 and 15.

Upwards of 1200 musical events will take place across the country. For an updated list go to the event site at

Tomorrow is also the date of the annual Expat Dinners where Danes and expats get together for a dinner at their local library. However Sonderborg Library is not taking part so the closest Dinner is in Kolding.

The Nordic Movement has a great post with some cool Current Nordic music – not all artists in the list are Danish but quite a few are.

Photo by Sina Basila.

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