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chamber music at Alsion

Last chance of free chamber music concert

This Sunday is the last in this season series of ProMusica concerts at Alsion with members of the Symphony Orchestra of South Denmark.

The concert series is ending on an ambitious note with colourful works by Bach, Mozart, Berio, Christer Danielsson, Chopin, Offenbach, Massenet and Jacob Gade. Here are some samples of what you can hear.

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Partita for solo flute, BWV 1013 and Luciano Berio’s Sequenza for solo flute will be played by Jorunn Solløs, who has previously written a guest post here.

A solo tuba and four French horns will play a tune by the Swedish Christer Danielsson. It sounds quite a lot like film music.

The last tune will be Tango Jalousi by Jacob Gade, which I’m pretty sure you have heard before.

The concert is this Sunday November 11th at 3pm at the Alsion Concert Hall. Entrance is free and the Cafe at Alsion is open before and during breaks for refreshments.

Define Festival this weekend

Music versus photography

It’s time again for the annual, cross-border, electronic Define Festival and this year they have a really interesting lineup. From partyman Bjørn Svin to a full on symphony orchestra there should be some great music and beats in store for people. And it’s cheap – about 50DKK per session.

2 days, 3 locations, lots of music
The interesting thing about this festival is that it is not confined to one location but takes place in a number of locations. You can go to one location, or you can travel around to the venues. The other years there was a cheap bus taking people from Sonderborg to Flensburg but I can’t find it mentioned this year.

Underground @ 8pm Friday Kuhlhaus, Flensburg
Young talents from the Tonespace education in at the music conservatory in Esbjerg show their latest creations: Alexander Holm, Thomas Vedel, David Nordentoft og Louis Lennert.

Electronic Movement @ 11pm Friday Kuhlhaus, Flensburg
Electronic dance music with Rainer Weichhold , Johann Nielson and Hit Asmussen.

Symphony Orchestra @ 4pm Saturday Alsion, Sonderborg

First Run Time Error @ Alsion a site-specific performance for joystick-controlled video. Second an ouvertures for the classical Chinese instrument ghuzeng, samples and orchestra. Both creations by Simon Steen-Andersen, a Danish composer who is getting a lot of international attention lately.

Underground @ 5.30pm Saturday Alsion, Sonderborg
Young talents from the Tonespace education in at the music conservatory in Esbjerg show their latest creations: Alexander Holm, Thomas Vedel, David Nordentoft og Louis Lennert.

Fuzzy & Bjørn Svin @ 8.30pm Saturday Alsion, Sonderborg
Fuzzy (Jens Vilhelm Pedersen) has a wide range from jazz to film music to experimental electronic music. He has music for cartoons and avant garde exhibits.
Bjørn Svin (Bjørn Christiansen) is a self taught composer and producer who has been active on the electronic stage for many years.

Wet and Dirty @ 10pm Saturday Zanzibar, Sonderborg
Electronic dance music with Rainer Weichhold , Wet and Dirty DJ team and Hit Asmussen.

Watch Sonderjyske’s Ice-Hockey team

Sonderjysk Elitesport, better known as SonderjyskE is the main Danish sport club based in Southern Jutland. It was created in 2004, when all the elite sport teams in the region were merged into one club in order to improve upon sponsors, resources and attention.

The club consists of 2 football teams, 2 handball teams and an ice-hockey team. Last season we had been along to support one of the football and handball teams, and now it was ice-hockey’s turn.

I will start on a bit of a confession. I have been ice-skating 3 times in my life, so anything to do with ice is pretty much out of my sphere of consciousness. In fact, before this game I had never seen an ice-hockey game, except maybe a short bit on tv, or during a film.

The Game

As the name implies, ice hockey is pretty much hockey on ice (and no – I have no clue about regular hockey either!). It is played on an ice-rink, with 6 players on ice skates, including one goalie guarding a small goal post. The game is played with a hard rubber disc, known as a puck, that each team tries to get into the other team’s goal post with the use of a long stick. Each game is composed of 3 sections of 20 minutes each (though with time stoppage the time easily doubles). And that’s about it.

Camera Roll-867

The Experience

Ice-hockey is big in Vojens, where the SonderjyskE team is based. Considering that the team has been doing marvellously well the last few years, coming top of the league in 2006, 2010 and 2011, this is understandable. This was also clear on the day; it was a Tuesday evening, with a Denmark-Italy football game on at the same time, so anyone watching was definitely an ice-hockey fan before all else, but still the stadium was more than 50% full.

Camera Roll-869

As with all SonderjyskE games we have been to, there was a SonderjyskE band (mainly drums) enthusing the game along, and being around such hardcore fans I felt obliged to clap along (if only to save being attacked by one of them maybe?). The band playing was interspersed with singing, and also some music blasted over speakers when something besides normal play was happening.

Overall, there were 2 things that stuck in my mind regarding this first handball experience:

  1. At the start of the game, the teams go onto the rink one by one. The SonderjyskE (home) team did this to a high energy tune to get the blood running. The opposing team? Unfortunately they only got some tinny slapstick music that could only make you laugh. I though it was a bit mean, but hey, I get the point!
  2. Sponsors. There is one for everything! If someone scores, his name is associated with a sponsor, a penalty? There is a sponsor for that. There is even a sponsor for the different kind of faults!! (slashing, penalty etc). The sponsorship people must be doing a good job as I couldn’t pinpoint one further aspect that could have been sponsored.

I wonder though: is this normal at ice-hockey games, or just limited to Denmark, or maybe just this team?

Oh! And one more question: The SonderjyskE team had goalies, forwards, defence and boblere listed on their team member list. Aalborg, the opposing team, didn’t have any boblere. But what are boblere? Any clues anyone?

Sunday jazz at Sønderborghus #10/99

Back in 1953 when blues and jazz were all the rave every town in Denmark had a jazz club. Sonderborg was no exception and a group of friends started what would later become Sonderborg jazzclub. As one of the few in our region the club still exists. It is one of the oldest in Denmark and organises at least one concert a month.

Piano and sax

The jazz club aims to focus on the growth layer in the Danish jazz scene and tomorrow’s stars. While they do have traditional 50s swing jazz they more often present something more edgy and contemporary.


It was my first time at Sønderborghus when Magnus Thuelund Melody Project Quintet played on a very clear, cold Sunday. There were only about twenty people in the theater hall which made it feel quite empty. However, there was a nice atmosphere, the jazz club people were very friendly and once the band started playing it was really enjoyable.

Magnus Thuelund Melody Project Quintet

The jazz concerts are usually held at Sønderborghus on Sundays at 15 and tickets are 100DKK or 80DKK for club members. Membership of the jazz club is 200DKK per term which comes with free entrance to one concert for you and a friend.

The next concert is on Sunday the 26th of February where Clara Bryld and August Rosenbaum is playing at Sønderborghus. See the website for more concerts.

Sønderborghus just released an English version of their website. Even the description of bands are now available in English. To see this click the UK flag in the top right corner of their website.

Play Danish Music Day

Tomorrow October 27th is the annual “Spil Dansk Dagen” (Play Danish Day) a day where Danish musicians are celebrated across the country and on the radio waves. It’s a day of celebrating music that has a Danish link either through the performer, songwriter, composer or producer.

Rev Billy

Broadcast through the radio at 11am will be communal singing across Denmark which I think is the best part of the day. People in schools, at workplaces, at home or in the car will be joining together to sing in Denmark’s biggest choir across the country. You can join whereever you are by tuning in to P2 or P4 online or on airwaves. It starts at 11.03 and lasts till 11.30. Here is the list of songs that will be sung.

In Sønderborg there are also three live events taking place:

  • Free classic concert at the main library from 4pm to 5pm with Alskvartetten. The ensemble consists of two violinists and a cellist from South Jutland Symphony Orchestra. The library is offering free coffee and presentations of the newest books and they are giving introductions to their internet services.
  • Musikorkesteret will play at 8pm. I’ve never heard of them but apparently they were quite popular in the 80s.
  • More interesting to me are Alcoholic Faith Mission and Deer Bear that will be playing at Sønderborghus at 9pm. They are both Danish bands singing in English.

UPDATE 26/10: Since we wrote this post we’ve spotted a couple more events:

  • Two of the guitar teachers from the local music school will be playing at venues around town hall. They will play from 10 to 17. In the same interval different people will play at the town hall.
  • It’s only for the 1100 employees of Sauer-Danfoss but I thought it was cool that SMUK (the regional military band) will give three concerts in the production hall for the workers. First concert is tonight at 21.30 for the night shift and then there are two more tomorrow at 13 and 15.

Upwards of 1200 musical events will take place across the country. For an updated list go to the event site at spildansk.dk:

Tomorrow is also the date of the annual Expat Dinners where Danes and expats get together for a dinner at their local library. However Sonderborg Library is not taking part so the closest Dinner is in Kolding.

The Nordic Movement has a great post with some cool Current Nordic music – not all artists in the list are Danish but quite a few are.

Photo by Sina Basila.

Photo from singh-goldschmidt.dk

Celebrating diversity and cross cultural inspiration

As Sønderborg and the rest of Denmark gets into a Christmas frenzy, Alsion Concert Hall will host a celebration of other cultures on November 20th.

Photo from singh-goldschmidt.dk

The day will be hosted by Singh & Goldschmidt, a duo with roots in the Middle East Peace Orchestra. They will bring with them a childrens choir, Mizgin Özdemir as a soloist and a 5-man strong backing band. The tunes will be an warm, eclectic mix of klezmer, Middle-eastern and Arabian music that cross borders, religion and cultures.

The concert starts at 4pm but there is also a bazaar before the concert in the lobby at Alsion thanks to the multicultural communities in Sønderborg. The place will be sizzling with food, dance and music from India, Africa, Middle-east and Denmark from 3pm.

Henrik Goldschmidt is the principal oboist of The Royal Danish Orchestra and a very active performer of traditional jewish klezmer music.

Anders Singh has Indian roots and is playing Balkan and gypsy music. He has won the title “Accordion Champion of the World”.

Mizgin Özdemir was born in Kurdistan. She plays the saz and sings, and leads a cross cultural band with members from four countries.

The children’s choir from Singh & Goldschmidt’s academy is a new choir from Copenhagen that sings in Arabic, Hebrew, Danish, English and a couple other languages.

Tickets are DKK130 for adults and DKK70 for kids and can be bought online or at the door.

UPDATE 21/11/11: We went to the show and you can read the review here.

Photo from Singh & Gildschmidt. (Via Sonderborg Kommune)

Free classic concert at Alsion 31/10/2011

As part of the Classical Orchestral programme at The Royal Academy of Music the students get to work with professional ensembles. And this year the people of Sonderborg get to benefit from this.

The students will be performing together with the renowned Århus Sinfonietta and conductor Douglas Bostock. The theme will be Paris 1920 which includes work by a music collective called Le Six. Maybe this is what it will sound like:

The concert is on 31st October at 8pm in the Alsion Concert Hall. Entrance is free.

Electronic Music Festival at Alsion 14th November

An exciting new cross-border music festival is seeing the light of day this year when DEFINE takes place in Flensburg, Germany and Sonderborg, Denmark. First it’s in Kühlhaus in Flensburg on November 4th and the week after it continues at Alsion on November 12th.

headphone silhouet

The line up doesn’t ring any bells for me, but it sounds like a great idea and I would love to hear some electronic in Alsions grand concert hall.

The two cities are 38km apart but according to Flensborg Avis there will be buses going between the cities for a mere euro 2.50, so it’s easy to take part in both parties.

Read more on the festival website.

Photo by Philippe Put from I Need Air.