Mushroom Hunting in Sønderskoven

Leigh negotiating with the weather gods

When I was living in Prague one of my Czech friends invited us on a trip to find mushrooms. I’ve never eaten mushrooms other than the ones from the supermarket so a bit reluctant I joined in on the expedition. It turns out that it’s a bit of a “National Pastime” in the Czech Republic to go mushrooms picking in autumn and most people would know which ones you can eat and which ones to leave. We found some great mushrooms and went home to eat and cook them afterwards. Nomnom!

Patti in Wonderland

Cafe International in Sonderborg (DFH) is organising a mushroom picking trip in the forest south east of the town (Sønderskoven) this Sunday with a start by the lake in the centre. To find the start time sign up to the Facebook event also so Tanja and the others know you are coming.

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