Relive your Childhood at Legoland

Getting there

The park is around 1.5 hrs drive from Sonderborg. This makes Legoland a good day trip from here.


Keep your eyes open for coupons, especially for kids. Coupons can be found in newspapers, on cereal packets and similar. Also, if you buy the ticket online you can get a discount.

What to do

I am not the biggest roller coaster fan, so I was a bit apprehensive on the first rides! However, once I relaxed, it was good fun. My favourites are probably the Viking ride, the Adventure land ride (which was the last, and had relaxed by then) and the canoe ride. Besides the thrill-seeking area, there are also other more relaxed things that should be checked out, including the ride in the top for panoramic views of the park and the airport, and the boat ride around the lego-buildings. Oh – and don’t miss Atlantis, the aquarium! The information about it is pretty skimpy, such that we had no idea what we will find inside, but there are actual real-live fish, sharks and huge crabs.

The aquarium in Legoland

Some Tips

If you are there in the morning, start from the back of the park. That way you escape the crowds for the beginning of the day as the rest of the crowds slowly filter to the back.

You will get get wet, so take some waterproof clothing.

Parking can be had close to the park for 50 DKK (buy the ticket in the park on your way out) or further away fro free. What you choose depends on whether you are more concerned over budget or over comfort.

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