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Brunch at Cafe Figo

A few weeks ago Michael and I started our quest for testing out brunch options in town. The next opportunity came up when one of my friends suggested we do something together over the weekend. Managing the previous plans of all the girls meant that we opted for a Sunday brunch. Selecting the place was a bit harder, but we opted for the latest Sunday brunch buffet in town at Cafe Figo, since none of us had been there before.

Unlike most of the other places, Cafe Figo wasn’t super busy. This meant that even if we hadn’t booked a table, they would have easily found space for our table of 7. This could be as this buffet is quite new and is not advertised at all on their website, so people probably are not as aware of it as they are of the others. There is, in fact, very little information out there about what this brunch consists of, so will try to give a bit of details here.

The selection here is not super huge. On the day we were there (which I expect to be common) there was: Salmon and prawns, Cheeses, Eggs and bacon and liver pate, yoghurt, muesli and jam, some fruit, cinnamon rolls and pancakes (with maple syrup and honey) and bread. The buffet area is quite small, but items were regularly replenished when finished.

My favourites item from the buffet was the salmon. In fact, I opted for a second helping of this, rather than to taste the cheese. For those who know me (and my cheese cravings), this is probably quite strange. The prawns that were served next to the salmon were also really good. The bread was surprisingly (and, maybe, unexpectedly, for some reason?) fresh. The sweet stuff was OK, and was the yoghurt and jam.

Verdict: Not a very wide selection of food, but some of the items (salmon and prawns) were very good. Other items were OK, but nothing to write home about. One of the main downsides of this buffet is probably its price. At 115DKK per person, this is more expensive than the others close by and, unlike the others, doesn’t include any drinks. This could possibly explain why the cafe was quite empty.

Sonderborg’s Newcomers Network

When moving to a new place one of the biggest concerns you have (after accommodation) is making friends. Back home you probably have a support network of friends that you have been building for years, but all of a sudden you are all alone, starting from scratch.

You are probably not alone in that situation in town. A problem is finding the others! For this reason the Sonderborg Industry and Tourism Centre (SET) has set up a ‘Newcomers Network‘.

This group, organised by Patricio Soto, meets every first Monday of the month at 7pm at Broggeriet, a cafe in central Sonderborg. Even though we were not yet living in Sonderborg we attended the November meetup.

At the meetup we attended there were people from all over, particularly in Europe, and also Danes. Surprisingly to us we were seated for the ‘networking event’. However, as people joined and left we moved around on the tables to make space or close gaps, which helped the circulation of people.

The next meetup is a Julefrokost (or Christmas lunch) in December. So if you live in the area and interested in meeting other new (and not so new) people living in Sonderborg and surroundings check out this group page and send an email to Patricio to book your place (it is subsidised so only costs 50dkk). I look forward to seeing you there!