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Thrill your tastebuds at Trillen

Trillen is the new lunch restaurant by Hotel Baltic in Horuphav. Opening on the 15th of January, it was perfect timing to try out for Michael’s birthday on the 20th.

Trillen Restaurant, Høruphav

The place interior is decorated similar to most Danish inns (kroer), hyggelig but dark. However, on the day we went there the sun was brightly shining outside and reflecting over the snow-white surroundings, making the restaurant nice and bright, unlike my experience of most such places. This made me a very happy Maltese guest!

The restaurant serves a traditional Danish lunch menu, mainly consisting of smorrebrod, or open sandwiches, with a number of other specialities. There were a lot of things that we would have loved to try but, of course, we had to limit ourselves! The waiters say that people typically order two pieces each, and that is what we did.

Smoked eel at Trillen, Høruphav

For our first round Michael tried the smoked eel and Ann the Gendarm salmon. I had never had eel before and for some reason I thought it would be much more fishy than it actually was. It was surprisingly delicate in taste. The Gendarm salmon was just as delicious. I particularly liked the combination of the smoked cheese and the salmon. They went together perfectly.

Gendarm Laks, Trillen

For the second round of dishes Michael went for the pot käse (pictured below) and Ann went for the old-days apple cake. Normally I would have a preference between dishes but these are two dishes that I would happily have eaten fully on my own (Note: the fact that I love cheese AND apple desserts definitely doesn’t hurt).

Pot käse at Trillen

The pot käse is a meld of cheeses that is served with plum jam and toasted rugbrod. It was quite strong in taste, so if you are not a cheese fan you may want to skip it. I loved it. The apple cake, on the other hand, is not what I would call a cake. Maybe more of a pudding. It consisted of apple compote over which whipped cream was layered and then sugared breadcrumbs sprinkled over. If I had read that description I may not have opted for it, since I love my doughs, but this was absolutely lovely.

apple cake

So would we visit again? If there is a special occasion, it would definitely be on our list of places to visit. The food was delicious, but the price is quite high. The quality of food was worth it, but probably not a regular Sunday (or especially weekday) lunch place.

Trillen is open everyday from 11:30 to 17:00. The restaurant is not in the main Hotel Baltic building but just opposite, maybe 50m from the main entrance.