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We Are Europe

EU flag in the Guinness Book of Records 14.04.2009

What is the European Union’s current crisis? Is it only an economic crisis or is it also a crisis that is about the lack of unity and trust between the member countries? How do we create or recreate confidence between the people and countries of the EU? Can we possibly find a common platform as a basis for discussing the EU’s further development? And what role can Sønderborg play in this context if we become European Capital of Culture in 2017?

Organiser and voluntary employee in 2017-Secretariat Nicolae Balc says:

I would like to put these questions up for discussion in Sønderborg. The title of the event is “We are Europe,” and I have invited international students from SDU to come and participate in the debate.
They come from many different countries in Europe, and are therefore able to hear and debate how the EU is perceived in different countries. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in the debate.

International students and all others interested are invited to discuss these issues today, Thursday, from 4pm to 6pm in the 2017-cafe at Perlegade 58 in Sønderborg.

Photo by European Parliament.