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Sonderborg2017: My experience

Ever since we moved to Sonderborg in November last year, the city breathed Sonderborg 2017 and the hope of getting the European Capital of Culture title. Yesterday was decision day and, unfortunately, the decision did not go Sonderborg’s way. It was a disappointing result after all the hard work put into this bid by so many people.

In the last few weeks I had become actively involved in this bid. I was asked if I would be interested in being part of the team presenting to the jury and answering questions from them yesterday, giving the perspective of a newcomer. I felt honoured and said yes.

Regardless of the result, I do not regret the time I spent preparing my speech, in rehearsals, and researching all that I could to be prepared. I could see the enthusiasm and belief of the people involved, and it couldn’t fail to be infectious to all around.

I first met some of the jury on Thursday during their lunch with young representatives of the city. I thought they got the point then of what we have been doing here, and left satisfied. On Friday, following our presentation, we got some tough questions, but nothing we couldn’t tackle I thought. All that was left was the final decision, and it went to Aarhus.

Undoubtedly Aarhus can deliver a European Capital of Culture, but will this have as big an impact on many people as it would have in Sonderborg? I think not. I look forward to see what comes out of this for our region. The ball has started to roll, and it cannot be stopped!

We support Sonderborg2017

This Friday (24th) is the big day when the decision on whether Sonderborg or Aarhus will be 2017 European Capital of Culture is taken. All the work of the last 3 years to bring this title to Sonderborg comes down to these days: the jury visit to Sonderborg on the 23rd of August and a presentation and question round on the 24th in Copenhagen.

The S2017 team has been working very hard to make what was at first a very far-fetched dream into reality. It has become more tangible through the active contribution of the citizens in the community. Getting the title and the large scale event that it is will further reconnect the community and make people proud to be a part of it: look at what the Olympics has done for the UK!

Sonderborg acutely needs this title to put itself on the European map. However, even more importantly, Sonderborg needs this title to ensure its future. At the moment 8 out of 10 young people who leave the area do not return and are not replaced as the dichotomy between city and countryside is seen an unbridgeable. But Sonderborg has the facilities, energy and drive to show the third alternative: a countryside metropolis with the benefits of both worlds. To achieve this goal the time to act is now; in 10 to 15 years it will be too late!

Show your support

Actively show your support by liking the S2017 facebook page and encourage your friends to do the same. To make it easier, we have added a ‘like’ link to the S2017 facebook page here, so no excuses:

If you feel that you need to inform yourself further about this process you can go to the S2017 website or visit the S2017 shop on Perlegade in Sonderborg.

You can also participate in the events organised in the week leading up to the decision. During this week, events will be going on every evening in front of the town hall. This will all lead up to a live transmission of the press conference stating the jury’s decision on Friday at 4pm, as part of the Culture Night Celebrations.

And of course, some luck never hurt anyone, so don’t forget to keep your fingers crossed!

Sonderborg 2017: The Final Countdown

For the last years Sonderborg has been working hard with the aim of becoming the 2017 European Capital of Culture. after completing the qualifying round earlier this year (together with Aarhus), the competition is now at the final stage: all that’s left is to figure out which city gets the honor!

Sonderborg2017 submitted the final application and programme last week. This final stage in the application was sent to Copenhagen via Tamim, a Sonderborg2017 team member who ran all the way to Copenhagen from Southern Jutland, recreating part of a previous run across Denmark he had done a few years ago to thank the Danish people for their friendliness when he moved here.

But what are they planning? You can find out by reading Sonderborg’s final application, as well as a draft programme should Sonderborg receive the honour of being the 2017 European Capital of Culture. I am excited to see the variety of activities that are planned: from maritime-related events, to science-themed events, to the more traditional ‘culture-related’ events in the artistic (art, music, film etc) fields.

Sonderborg is at a very exciting position at the moment. All that is left is that we keep our fingers crossed and wish Sonderborg good luck with its application. The final winner will be announced on Friday the 24th of August this year when Sonderborg is celebrating Culture Night.

We Are Europe

EU flag in the Guinness Book of Records 14.04.2009

What is the European Union’s current crisis? Is it only an economic crisis or is it also a crisis that is about the lack of unity and trust between the member countries? How do we create or recreate confidence between the people and countries of the EU? Can we possibly find a common platform as a basis for discussing the EU’s further development? And what role can Sønderborg play in this context if we become European Capital of Culture in 2017?

Organiser and voluntary employee in 2017-Secretariat Nicolae Balc says:

I would like to put these questions up for discussion in Sønderborg. The title of the event is “We are Europe,” and I have invited international students from SDU to come and participate in the debate.
They come from many different countries in Europe, and are therefore able to hear and debate how the EU is perceived in different countries. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in the debate.

International students and all others interested are invited to discuss these issues today, Thursday, from 4pm to 6pm in the 2017-cafe at Perlegade 58 in Sønderborg.

Photo by European Parliament.