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Sonderborg 2017: The Final Countdown

For the last years Sonderborg has been working hard with the aim of becoming the 2017 European Capital of Culture. after completing the qualifying round earlier this year (together with Aarhus), the competition is now at the final stage: all that’s left is to figure out which city gets the honor!

Sonderborg2017 submitted the final application and programme last week. This final stage in the application was sent to Copenhagen via Tamim, a Sonderborg2017 team member who ran all the way to Copenhagen from Southern Jutland, recreating part of a previous run across Denmark he had done a few years ago to thank the Danish people for their friendliness when he moved here.

But what are they planning? You can find out by reading Sonderborg’s final application, as well as a draft programme should Sonderborg receive the honour of being the 2017 European Capital of Culture. I am excited to see the variety of activities that are planned: from maritime-related events, to science-themed events, to the more traditional ‘culture-related’ events in the artistic (art, music, film etc) fields.

Sonderborg is at a very exciting position at the moment. All that is left is that we keep our fingers crossed and wish Sonderborg good luck with its application. The final winner will be announced on Friday the 24th of August this year when Sonderborg is celebrating Culture Night.