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Just Released: Per Vers: Bli’r Ved

What do you do if you have a segway, two marching bands, a cool car, 30km of unused motorway, a helicopter and a camera? Well the Danish rapper/poet Per Vers had this and made this spectacular one-shot music video.

Per raps about keep going. He’ll keep going “longer than Run DMC, till he has more back hairs than Run Jeremy”.

The M51 motorway connects Sønderborg to the rest of Europe’s motorway system. It opened two weeks ago but before that we ran on it and some people cycled on it.

“Break Down” Breakdance Competition

Fall - part of Cut-Ups (bad fall) exhibition - hip hop dance

It sounds like this is a first for Sønderborg. The sports college, IHS, is organising a tournament for b-boys and b-girls to battle it out over who has the coolest moves and grooves. We saw a couple of hiphop dance shows in London but I’ve never experienced a dancing battle so I’ll definitely check this one out.

Ups - part of Cut-Ups (bad fall) exhibition - hip hop dance

There are two competitions, one for professionals with cash prizes and one for amateurs with sponsored goods as prizes. So if you feel hip you can join in and battle it out with other Sonderborgers. Participants who sign up before the day get free entrance 🙂

Apart from the competitions there will be a breakdance show by breakdancers from Ground Elements and parkour show from Team JiYo. Looking at these two groups videos alone it should be a fun night.


The event is at IHS, Friheds Alle 42
Friday December 2nd 20.00 – 23.00
Tickets are 75DKK (Free for kids under 13)
Facebook event

UPDATE 17/1/2012: Here is a video from the actual event. I’m guessing it’s the final of the battle:

Photos by William Hamons (Aka Ewns).