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Rock and Roll Christmas from the tax minister

It is not everyday we see a Danish minister of government bring out the rock and roll guitar. But the current minister of tax, Benny Engelbrecht, loves to sing so he decided to create a Christmas greeting in the form of a music video with his hobby band “Benny and the True Taxmen”.

Benny Engelbrecht is from Adsbøl outside Gråsten and has played music for many years. After becoming minister he has also jumped on the stage, most recently in Gråsten at the Apple Festival.

What is the video that best showcases Sonderborg?

There has been a number of great videos showcasing the town of Sonderborg. Have you seen them all and which one is you favorite? Let us know in this poll.

  • A Common Cause by Bellamondo
  • Here You Can Build Your Own Future by Kim Groth & Fynn Laue
  • Kulturen er mangfoldig by Anonyme Sønderborggensere
  • A New Cruise Destination by Avid Cruiser
  • A romantic tour by Bellamondo
  • Vores Countryside Metropolis by TMODSAI

A Common Cause by Bellamondo

Here You Can Build Your Own Future by Kim Groth & Fynn Laue

Kulturen er mangfoldig by Anonyme Sønderborggensere

A New Cruise Destination by Avid Cruiser

A romantic tour by Bellamondo

Vores Countryside Metropolis


Take part in the poll I’m really interested in hearing what people think.

Multiplicity of Culture (Video)

A group that calls itself Anonyme Sønderborggensere (Anonymous Sonderborgians) has created a stunning video that shows some cultures in Sønderborg that are a bit underground or in the dark for one reason or another.

I haven’t figured out who they are, or whether they are connected to Sonderborg2017 but they make some amazing shots. My favorite shot is the BMX rider speeding along the road shot from a tall building (or crane).

What’s your favorite bit? And do you recognize the different locations?

Sønderborg – Here You Can Build Your Own Future

Two young guys, Kim Groth and Fynn Laue, have spent the last four weeks running around town, jumping in the freezing water and flying high to make shots for the profile video you see above.

During the production they kept a video blog which has been an entertaining look behind the scene.

We asked Kim and Fynn a couple of questions.

Where did you get the idea from to make this video?

We were hired by the Sønderborg community and ProjectZero to make a kind of promotional movie about the city.
When in pre-production we talked to a lot of key-people and interesting folks. Then we took all the information we got and wrote the voice over that made the basis for the movie.

Was it expensive to make and how did you finance it?

Compared to our other projects it is the most expensive at the time being. We were paid for making the movie but had to pay car-rental and buy new gear by our selves.

What languages is the video being translated into?

English, German and Danish.

Did you learn something new about the area during filming?

Oh yes!! Inspite of living here for more than 18 years now, we found that there still was a lot of stuff we didn’t know about. The skating hall for instance.

What is you favorite spot in the city?

The beach! It is so peaceful and the best place to make hard decisions.

I enjoyed watching your video blogs – did it take a lot of time to produce them?

About 3-4 hours per vlog.

What are your next projects?

We have no fixed plans for upcoming projecet, but you can always see updates on Fynns facebook page for upcoming movies or small project-updates.

Just Released: Per Vers: Bli’r Ved

What do you do if you have a segway, two marching bands, a cool car, 30km of unused motorway, a helicopter and a camera? Well the Danish rapper/poet Per Vers had this and made this spectacular one-shot music video.

Per raps about keep going. He’ll keep going “longer than Run DMC, till he has more back hairs than Run Jeremy”.

The M51 motorway connects Sønderborg to the rest of Europe’s motorway system. It opened two weeks ago but before that we ran on it and some people cycled on it.

Dybbøl – Denmarks Killing Fields

In 1864 Denmark was massively defeated by the Austrian/Prussian armies on a hill just outside today’s Sønderborg around Dybbøl, a village on top of a hill. The politicians in Copenhagen had little knowledge of what the conditions were on the ground and called on the army to defend the fortification by any means. The Danes were outmanned one to nine and once the Prussians attacked they completely overran the Danish defense.

In two years time the biggest TV production ever made in Denmark will tell the story of the people of the battle of Dybbøl. We will write more about that when we hear it.

For now you can see a music video recently released by the Danish country singer Lars Lilholt where he sings about the battle and calls it Denmark’s Killing Fields. Parts of the video is shot in hills in Dybbøl with old cannons etc.

If you want to learn more about the battle, the Dybbøl History Centre will open for the 2012 season on April 1st.

Sonderborg: A Cruise Destination

As the tag line to this blog says, Sonderborg is a ‘town on an island’, so as you can guess there is a lot of water-related activity. When I was in Sonderborg earlier in summer I could easily realise that kayaking, sailing, fishing and other similar activities are a big thing in the area.

What I didn’t realise, however, was that Sonderborg is also being advertised as a cruise destination. This helps reinforce my idea of Sonderborg as an aspirational city and helps calm my qualms about moving to a a smaller city after having gotten used to the excesses of London.

The video is made by Avid Cruiser a specialist in reviewing ports and cruises. Apart from the video above Avid Cruiser also has a comprehensive run down of things to do in and around Sønderborg and how to dock there which is probably useful for boaters. Maybe he is commissioned by the city to create the video to explain what it has to offer to potential tour operators and cruise guests. I’m not sure, but it’s a great introduction to Sønderborg.

Rowing for Companies

I just came across this video which makes me yearn for summer time in Sonderborg already. We have a plan of starting in the kayak club next season but this looks like fun as well:

Employees from 69 companies in and around Sønderborg took part in this years Firmakaproning (literally Company Competitive Rowing). Each team is a made up of a group of four colleagues. They receive three training sessions over three weeks and the local rowing club provides the boat, oars and a mate(?) to steer the boats and shout at the rowers.

After training it’s time to get real and a regatta is organised where the teams compete. There are three classes Women, Men and Mixed (2 women and 2 men) and there are prizes for the winners in each class. There are also prizes for the team with the best costumes and the best supports.

During the race you can buy drinks and sausages and afterwards there is a party for the participants.

This was the 17th time the event took place in Sonderborg. The results can be seen on the event website. I love the logo for the event which plays on name of the access road to the rowing club – Verdens Ende (The End of The World).

All images and the logo is from the website of firmakaproning.