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Viking for a day – Help launch a viking warship

Spring is in the air and if you had been living around Roskilde Fjord some 1000 years ago you might have been preparing a warship for this season’s raid. Luckily you don’t need a time machine to experience this because we have a local viking ship in Augustenborg.

Sebbe Als, as the boat is called, is built as a replica of wreck number 5 found in Roskilde Fjord, where it sank sometime in the 11th century. It is a fast warship with a long and slim body with 24 oars and a relatively large sail. It can fit up to 30 people.

The ship is owned and operated by an independent society (PDF in English), who built the boat in the period 1967 – 1969, a few years after the finds in Roskilde. The ship, which was launched and named Sebbe Als in 1969, was built according to the drawings of the original ship and by using the same tools as the “old vikings”.

You can take part

Every spring Sebbe is checked, repaired and prepared for the season and this is where you can get a taste for what it’s like to work with a boat like they did in the age of the vikings. There are two dates coming up where you can go see the boat, meet the people building and sailing the boat, help out and maybe even join the crew.

21st of April starting from 9am Sebbe is getting a new coat of paint on the bottom. Come and get up close to the ship.

28th of April at 9am Sebbe will be launched into the water. This is done purely by manpower so they can use any help they can get in pulling the 2 ton boat in the water.

Sunday Ann and I cycled out to see if we could find the “naust” where the boat lives in winter and at the end of a gravel road we found it. Two very friendly ladies were painting a smaller boat called Ottar outside and they were more than happy to give us a tour of the facilities. The tranquility of the place was amazing we had brought a lunch pack with us so enjoyed that while soaking up the sun and enjoying the atmosphere.

Read more about the boat on SebbeAls.dk. To get to the home of Sebbe Als look for Hesselvej 10 by Augustenborg. To get there on bike it’s a nice 20 minute bike ride from central Sønderborg, in a car you need to follow this path and park by the manure tank. Check the map below for the exact location.

Photos by Steen Weile, chairman of Sebbe Als.

Rowing for Companies

I just came across this video which makes me yearn for summer time in Sonderborg already. We have a plan of starting in the kayak club next season but this looks like fun as well:

Employees from 69 companies in and around Sønderborg took part in this years Firmakaproning (literally Company Competitive Rowing). Each team is a made up of a group of four colleagues. They receive three training sessions over three weeks and the local rowing club provides the boat, oars and a mate(?) to steer the boats and shout at the rowers.

After training it’s time to get real and a regatta is organised where the teams compete. There are three classes Women, Men and Mixed (2 women and 2 men) and there are prizes for the winners in each class. There are also prizes for the team with the best costumes and the best supports.

During the race you can buy drinks and sausages and afterwards there is a party for the participants.

This was the 17th time the event took place in Sonderborg. The results can be seen on the event website. I love the logo for the event which plays on name of the access road to the rowing club – Verdens Ende (The End of The World).

All images and the logo is from the website of firmakaproning.