Visit to the Emergency Room

So far, I haven’t been the luckiest person ever living in Denmark healthwise. I have had to visit my regular doctor, the out-of-hours doctor, the dentist. On Sunday it was the turn of the accidents and emergency department, or skadestue (as it is known in Danish).

a cupcake and knife

On arriving at hospital I was surprised that there were only two guys in the waiting room – clearly waiting for a friend who was being treated. This was my first time in any emergency department, but I always thought they would be super busy. I guess having the possibility to get an appointment in the building next door at the out-of-hour doctor means that people do not clog up the emergency room unneccessarily.

On arriving, you are instructed to ring a bell and wait in a waiting room. We only had to wait for around 15 minutes for us to be called in. We were in and out within 30 minutes I think, which is superb service.

My only complaint? The nurse burst out laughing when we said why we were there. Do I blame her though? Absolutely not! Michael had to explain that he dropped a big knife on my big toe while looking extremely sheepish about it!

Photo by huberton.

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    1. Ann Post author

      Luckily my toe is still properly stuck on…Phew! Cannot imagine the pain if it was completely severed.


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