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Sonderborg Indian Culinary Experience

Interested in Indian food? Want some spice (food spice that is ;)) in your life? Well, you are in luck! Bratatee Barman and Vivek Menon, an Indian couple living in central Sonderborg have just started an Indian Culinary Experience and as hejsonderborg we got to be the first to try it out earlier this month.


The experience consists of choosing one of (currently) eight menus from different parts of India (half of which are vegetarian). You then agree on a mutually appropriate date with Bratatee and Vivek and all that is left is that you turn up on the day at their house, where you will prepare the dish together while you talk about Indian food. If you like you can then share the meal with Bratatee and Vivek or, alternatively, you can take the food with you to eat at home.


The menu we chose came from the Southwest of India and consisted of Tandoori salmon followed by Mangalorean fish curry and Kachumbar. As it was my birthday we also got dessert added as a gift! As is to be expected spice featured very heavily in the food and although we had come across most of the spices we had never yet cooked with curry leaves or tamarind paste. We also got some spices to take away with us so we could recreate the fish curry.


The experience takes around 2 hours (not including eating). For 350 DKK for an individual or 300 DKK per person for a couple you get to meet two Indians living in Sonderborg, learn how to cook their food and, if you like, share a dinner with them. If interested you can contact them on their facebook page or contact Bratatee at +45 5278 8120/Email: bratatee@gmail.com. So if you are looking for something different to do one evening or also a gift for someone interested in food, a new option has arisen on the horizon!

Bratatee has blogged about some of the dishes she makes on A Pinch of Salt and a Drop of Lime.

Fish Buffet at Propperiet

Propperiet is one of the 3 restuarants next to each other on the harbour. Its focus is mainly on fish and meat. It is open for dinner every day, but on weekends it is also open for lunch with a fish buffet. We decided to try the buffet out this past weekend, and what a difference from the last buffet we reviewed! Both service and the food quality get a big thumbs up here!

We were greeted with a smile and shown to our table as we arrived. We could then help ourselves to the buffet, with drinks brought to the table. The buffet is set up along a long table. As the restaurant is quite small everyone is seated quite close but not on top of each other.


The website says that there will be at least 20 options at the buffet, and I would say that that was easily present on the day we went. Amongst what I remember off the top of my head there were green mussels to 3 types of salmon, stuffed squid (my favourite) to vitello tonnato. For 19 DKK you can also get a shot of schnapps (3 varieties on offer).

We were very impressed with the presentation, variety and quality of the food. If I had to have one criticism it would be that the items on the top level are not made for short people like me! I couldn’t see inside to see what was in them. But then, at 160 cm not many Danes are my height! At least everything was well labelled so I could ‘see’ what was inside.

Sonderborg buffets have been redeemed! Definitely one to return to.

Two Years of Udo’s Fisk

Living on an island you would expect fish to be abundantly available. However, besides the supermarkets, which sell pre-packaged pieces of fish, fishmongers do not seem to be too abundant here. There is Cafe Brag, at times there is fish being sold from a boat (though not for a long time now) and, for the last 2 years(!) Udo’s Fisk.

Udo Fisk’s is owned by Udo Napierksi, a German who moved to Sonderborg a while back. Udo himself is in the shop every time it is open, offering advice on what to buy, how to prepare it and how to cook what you buy. We have been shopping there for the last 2 years and cannot believe we haven’t written about it. The shop always looks super clean and the selection of fish very decent.

This weekend marks 2 years since Udo’s fisk has been open. For this reason on Friday and Saturday Udo is offering ‘something for the palate’ to customers of the shop. So if you haven’t been there before do drop by. If you cannot make it then you can go any week on Wednesday-Friday 12-17:30 or Saturday 9:30-12:30. Do make sure to have some time to shop as the shop is often busy!


Oh. And you might wonder, what fish does he have? There is often a variety, but typically salmon (fresh/smoked) cod, herring, mackerel and Udo’s fiskefrikadeller (minced fish balls) are always available. However, every week there is also other fish, including once ‘dorado’, a very common Maltese fish that I miss! If you want to be notified every week of what is available you can also send a text to +45 5183 5323 to sign up to the sms-service where every week you receive a list of what is available. You can also order fish using this same number.

Here’s to many more years of Udo’s fisk!

Udo's Fisk selection

Enjoy the Bounty of the Sea at Cafe Brag’s Fish Buffet

Brag is a fishing/shipping shop and smokery on the banks of the Dybbøl side of Sønderborg. However, if tackle and nets do not feature anywhere on your shopping list, there is still one major reason why you should check this place out. After all everyone has to eat right?

Brag Fisk Cafe Søsport

The history of the smokery goes back several generations and the family has been having a business in the current location for decades. During the winter you can drop by the shop to buy a portion of fish to take home and enjoy. They smoke their own fish and among the variety of items we have seen on sale (and recognised!) have been smoked herring, halibut, eels and salmon – but there are also other fish brought in by the fishermen. It’s a nice treat to cycle down there on a weekend and grab whatever takes our fancy for our lunch.


However, from the first weekend in May to the end of August, Cafe Brag, which is to the back of the shop, is open for business. And you can sit and enjoy the view of life on the pier and Sonderborg across the water. This means that you can indulge in the food right there on the spot. The cafe serves fish dishes during the week, but on the weekends a fish buffet spread is organised.

Spinatrolade med dampet laks

Michael’s parents were visiting recently so we grabbed the opportunity to try it out. Now I am not necessarily the biggest fish fan (rarely if ever order fish at a restaurant), but the wide variety of items meant that this was not a problem. My favourite items were the fiskefrikadeller, the salmon/spinach rolls, and the steamed salmon. Every thing is made in their own kitchen and even the bread is homemade. The dishes were continuously replenished, so I didn’t have to forgo my favourites when a big group of people came in for their lunch.


The fish buffet is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 to 16:00. In 2012 it costs 145 DKK per person. Perfect for the fish lovers out there. However, if you are completely averse to fish and seafood, this is probably not for you, since every item, including the salads (though not the fruit basket), contains fish or sea food.

Ur Hellefisk

Learn about Sealife at the Blue Flag Station (Blå Flag Center)

Sonderborg Blue Flag Centre

A Blue Flag beach or marina indicates that a beach or marina has reach stringent requirements for water quality, safety, environmental education and information. There are 3 such locations on Als: Sønderborg Lystbådehavn, Sønderborg badestrand and Fynshavn badestrand. Sønderborg lystbadehavn, however goes one step further: it also has one of 14 Danish Blue Flag Centres.


What can you find there?

Equipment to borrow

The Blue Flag centre in Sonderborg is a mobile exhibition and activity centre equipped with nets, buckets, waders, telescopes, aquaria, and all you can think of to help you explore the water in the area – all free for you to borrow! The centre is also staffed by a biologist, who was very happy to answer our questions and help us along when we visited.

Camera Roll-566

Besides the activity centre, a variety of events are organised during the summer open season (Wednesday to Sunday 10-17 in weeks number 2635). A number of activities from the packed programme that caught our eye included:

  • Fjordsafari every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10-13 (100-150DKK)
  • Fishing Tour on Friday 13th July from 10-14 (50-100 DKK)
  • GPS Race (geocaching) on Friday 13th and Sunday 22nd July, and Saturday 4th August from 10-15
  • Canoe Tour on Sunday 15th July (book by the 10th of July) from 10-15
  • Beach Games on Friday 20th July from 13-16
  • ‘Eat your coast’ on Saturday 21st July and Sunday 5th Augustr from 13-16
  • Crab Day on Thursday 26th July from 14:30-16:30
  • Snorkel Safari on Saturday 28th July and 11th August from 10-13
  • Ship Builder for a day on Friday 3rd August from 14-16
  • Beach Art on Friday 10th August from 10-15
  • Closing event on Sunday 12th August from 15-17

We visited the Blue Flag Centre when our 9 year old nephew was visiting. He very happily spent 2hrs playing around on his own with the provided equipment, and could have easily stayed longer if it wasn’t time for dinner.

Camera Roll-573

A must-do for anyone who has children. As for adults? I’m sure you can channel your inner child and amaze yourself at the sealife there is around us.

A grand father helping his grand son look for sea life