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Two Years of Udo’s Fisk

Living on an island you would expect fish to be abundantly available. However, besides the supermarkets, which sell pre-packaged pieces of fish, fishmongers do not seem to be too abundant here. There is Cafe Brag, at times there is fish being sold from a boat (though not for a long time now) and, for the last 2 years(!) Udo’s Fisk.

Udo Fisk’s is owned by Udo Napierksi, a German who moved to Sonderborg a while back. Udo himself is in the shop every time it is open, offering advice on what to buy, how to prepare it and how to cook what you buy. We have been shopping there for the last 2 years and cannot believe we haven’t written about it. The shop always looks super clean and the selection of fish very decent.

This weekend marks 2 years since Udo’s fisk has been open. For this reason on Friday and Saturday Udo is offering ‘something for the palate’ to customers of the shop. So if you haven’t been there before do drop by. If you cannot make it then you can go any week on Wednesday-Friday 12-17:30 or Saturday 9:30-12:30. Do make sure to have some time to shop as the shop is often busy!


Oh. And you might wonder, what fish does he have? There is often a variety, but typically salmon (fresh/smoked) cod, herring, mackerel and Udo’s fiskefrikadeller (minced fish balls) are always available. However, every week there is also other fish, including once ‘dorado’, a very common Maltese fish that I miss! If you want to be notified every week of what is available you can also send a text to +45 5183 5323 to sign up to the sms-service where every week you receive a list of what is available. You can also order fish using this same number.

Here’s to many more years of Udo’s fisk!

Udo's Fisk selection